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Sep 9th 2017, Location: Irving,Texas

Ravi's QA/TESTing Classes: 2 Months Course: for 6 + job positions
We Conduct ONLINE /CLASSROOM Training classes.
We offer Weekend classes & Week Day Classes.
Free Demo Class.
Guaranteed Job with in 90 days

Free & Guaranteed Placements
New QA Batch starting this week

We are starting a new QA/Testing classes :
Software Testing Classes by renowned faculty with 16+ years of experience. By end of the training we assure that you will be a confident Tester ready for job by end of the course.

We provide Placements , Individual attention, On job assistance, Practical classes, Revision classes- many times. We help you at training classes & at finding job, also help you with on board assistance.

About Me, Trainer: I am good at handling any candidate. Some of my candidates were really shy, some very confident, most of them were not sure how software industry work, most of them would think is it ok to ask questions. But with me they see a friend who teaches them with passion & understanding. I give them confidence to express their views, query & explain their hypothesis , changes in class are made as per need, I ask questions to understand if they have understood or not ,I take repetition classes in case they don't, after the assignment & test discuss concepts with them. Train them with some new concepts candidate wants to learn or is curious about.
Above all we provide PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT to give right amount of confidence you need to proceed further in your career

No. of hrs: 1:30 hrs /class
Duration: 2 Months

Weekend Classes:
No. of Hrs: 3 hrs/class
Days: Sat & Sun
Duration:2 Months

We teach Functional Testing, Performance Testing, ETL Testing.
Introduction to Software Quality Assurance & Testing
Stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Stages of Test Development Life Cycle.
Role of a QA in SDLC
SDLC Models, Agile Model, Scrum

Testing Types:
Manual testing & Automation Testing
Black Box Testing & White Box Testing
Positive Testing
Negative Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
System Testing
Adhoc Testing
Smoke Testing
Sanity Testing
GUI Testing
Performance Testing
• Load Testing
• Stress Testing
Business Requirement Document
Functional Specification Document
Test Case Document
Defect Register
Test Reports
Test Plan Document
Test Strategy Doc

Software Testing Life Cycle-STLC
How to write Test Cases
Bug Status
How to Perform Testing
What to do after finding Defects, bugs
Defect Life Cycle
How to create Test result

Quick Test Pro (QTP)
Detailed Description about QTP
Keyword View
Expert View
Global Data sheet
What is a script
How to generate VB scripts
How to record, run, stop, pause a script in QTP.
How to analyze Test results
Object Repository:
What is Object Repository
How to add, Delete, Edit objects & its properties
How to add Object Repository
How to create Global Repository

Standard Recording
Analog Recording
Low Level Recording

Checkpoints :
Definition, Uses
How to Add Checkpoints
Type of checkpoints
• Standard Checkpoint
• Database Checkpoint
• Bitmap Checkpoint
Text Checkpoint
• Text Area Checkpoint

What is Parameterization?
Why to Parameterize
Way of Parameterizing a data

Output Value:
Types of Output Value:
Standard Output Value
Database Output Value
Bitmap Output Value
Text Output Value
Text Area Output Value

How to incorporate Recovery Scenarios in your script
How to incorporate Library Functions in your script
Exception Handling
Load Runner:.
• What is Load Runner & How to do performance testing
• What is Virtual User Generator
• What is Load Runner Controller
• What is Load Generator
• How to design a scenario
• What is Transaction Response Time
• What is Ramp-up and Ramp-down
• What is Duration
• What is Elapse Time
• How to Execute a Scenario
• How to create Report in Load Runner Analysis
• How to create a professional Load Runner report

Quality Center
• What is Quality Center, Test Director, ALM
• What is a Domain
• How to create a Domain
• How to create a Project in Quality Center
• How to create users in Site Admin Module
• How to assign users to the project in Site Admin Module
• How to define requirements in Quality Center
• How to define child requirements in Quality Center
• What is Test Plan in Quality Center
• How to write Test Cases in Quality Center
• How to assign Test Cases to Requirements
What is Test Lab
• How to execute Test Cases in Quality Center
• How to Create Defects in Quality Center
• How to assign Priority in Quality Center
• How to take a snapshot in Quality Center
• How to assign Test Cases to Defects
How to trace requirement to the test cases
How to trace testcases to defects


Database, Table, Schema
Database Testing
Primary Key & Foreign Key & Other Constraints
Select Statement, Insert, Update, Delete Statements,
DDL,DML (Create, Alter)

Web service Testing Basics, SOAP UI, SOA, SAAS Technologies

Selenium Course
Introduction to JAVA Programming
Loops: For, Do..While, If..Else, Switch , Functions, Procedures , While
Java Programming Language Keywords
• Class and Object
• Data Types
• Array Declaration, Construction and Initialization
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions
• Writing Code Using if and switch
• Statements
• Writing Code Using Loops
• Handling Exceptions
• Working with the Assertion Mechanism Using the java.lang.String Class
• Using the java.lang.Math Class
• Using Wrapper Classes
• Using the equals() Method with
• Strings and Wrappers and Objects Inner Classes
• Method-Local Inner Classes
• Anonymous Inner Classes
• Static Nested Classes

Automation Overview
Selenium IDE
Overview of Selenium IDE
Add-ins Selenese
Recording and replay of a Selenium IDE Test
Firebug, Firepath and other object recognition tools
Including Assertions and Verifications
Exporting Selenium IDE Test script
Creating a Automated test Script and a test suite
Executing a test and test suite through Eclipse
Importing a test from Selenium IDE to Selenium WebDriver test in JUnit Annotations in WebDriver
Interacting with the AUT: Object locators
Actions on Web
Elements Data Driving Selenium Tests
Use of data source-Spreadsheets, CSV files
Debugging skills
: Setting breakpoints
Retrieving values on-the-flyStepping through code
Using observations from the Application under Test and data source
Making deductions
Building and testing a hypothesis
Page Object Model
Choice of element locatorUse of multiple locator properties
Use of Xpath or CSSUse of Xpath and CSS patterns
Use of ordinal identifiers
Xpath and CSS syntax: how to use the firepath tool to write more stable locators
• Defining, Instantiating, and Starting Threads
• Preventing Thread Execution
• Synchronizing Code
• Thread Interaction
Object Orientation, Overloading and Overriding, Constructors
• Benefits of Encapsulation
• Overridden and Overloaded Methods in Eclipse
• Creating Project in eclipse
Web Driver & RC
• Identifying the elements in Web Driver Using Id, Name, Xpath ,Dom and CSS
• Working with Different drivers like Html Unit driver, Firefox Driver etc...
• Creating the generic scripts in Web Driver
• Creating the scripts by using functions
• Web Driver Client Libraries
• Web Driver commands with examples
• Working with excel sheets using Web Driver
• Web Driver with TestNG / Junit
• What is• Use of Framework: modular framework, Data Driven framework
Keyword driven framework ,Hybrid framework

Along with the above we provide:
Study Materials
Day to Day Practical Training
Repitation Classes
Tests to asses & upgrade candidates
Resume Building
Real Time scenarios
Interview Preparation & Assistance
On Board Assistance-Help while working

Mock Interviews, Confidence Building
Placement Assistance

We have an Excellent Marketing team with great network with Direct Clients all across the country. we also sponsor H1b.


You can reach me at 972-827-8054 for any more information

Contact: Ravi

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