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BA Training-IntelliTask ANNOUNCING the start of US based Instructor LED Online IT Training batches in Business Analyst (BA)

Sep 8th 2017, Location: Dallas,Texas

About Us:
IntelliTask promotes itself as an integrated information technology consulting and software development company, providing high-tech solutions for complex business systems, which involve a variety of technologies.

Information Technology (IT) has remained at the forefront of opportunities for innovation and their application in improving the quality of our lives. As companies reach out to the global marketplace, and technology rapidly blurs territorial boundaries, business heads must now consider very aggressive 'time to market' conditions for products and services. The global IT industry has grown by obsolescing its own products, thereby paving the way for cutting-edge solutions. This process has not only created opportunities for more entrepreneurs in the IT consulting space, but also has provided a variety of job opportunities.

IntelliTask incorporated in TX, USA, is a company which set out to create a niche for itself. Steered by a management team of experienced business and technology experts, with collective experience of over 15 years, IntelliTask brings to bear, a blend of maturity coupled with great flexibility and adaptability. By virtue of consulting experience, training and business management for over a decade, IntelliTask is well-positioned to offer its clients significant value propositions
We always prefer GC & USC EAD, H4EAD, OPT EAD but We also Sponsor H1B visas, OPT extensions to complement our talent base.

• Specialized Job Oriented Training, Real time Project scenarios, Hands on Practice after every major topic
• Convenient timings for working consultants in the weekends, Sunday and evening weekdays Class.
• Support candidates in resume preparation, interview preparation and self-evaluation
• Mock-interviews and doubts clarification sessions, On the Job Support while you are in project through IntelliTask
• Access to our Outstanding Training Team and Our marketing team, Aggressive marketing for quicker placements
• Excellent Referral Bonus Program

Business Analyst:
More often aspiring to be an IT consultant, student or a non-IT background professional wanting to make a career in IT Business Analyst but thinks IT BA is tough.
Also people think there are no good trainers in Business Analyst, Think again!!!
If you are thinking the same Then, this training program is for YOU!!!

All you need to do is to watch our FREE DEMO CLASS to feel the difference . We boast to be one of the best in the market providing hands on training with project assignments for each module of the program.

The faculty is an experienced consultant & Successful trainer with more than 8+years training experience.

Business Analyst training is fairly easy for aspiring IT consultants who don’t want to get into Programming.

Our Course is comprehensive and designed for beginners to graduate with hands on projects and assignments.

Hurry up!!! Registration is in progress for our next batch starting from Sept 20th 2017, for Sept-Oct batch.

Serious Inquiries Only: Send an Email At: trainingIntellitaskllc.com OR 682-230-1492 for course Schedule & Other details.

Serious and Interested People!!!
Good or Excellent Communication Skills.

Here are the general topics we will cover:

Session 1:
Introduction to Business Analysis:
• General Introduction of Organization, Project, Structure, SDLC etc.
• What is a Business Problem?
• What is a Project Sponsor?
• What is Project Initiation?
• What is Project Conception?
• What is Cost Benefit Analysis?
• What is Return on investment (ROI)?
• What is a Stakeholder?
• What are different stages of SDLC?
• Can the BA be outsourced?
• What is the role and responsibility of a Business Analyst?
• What are the Business Analyst Deliverables?

Session 2:
Detail Requirements Mapping and Business Transformation:
• What is a PMO?
• What is a BRD?
• What is a Requirement Gathering?
• What is a Functional Requirement?
• What is a Non-Functional Requirement?
• What are Security Requirements?
• What are Business Rules?
• What are Reporting Requirements?
• What are Notification Requirements?
• What are modes of Requirement Gathering?
• What is Storyboarding?
• What is JAD?
• What is One-on-One?
• How to interact with SMEs/Business Users/End Users
• What is Requirement Analysis and Management?

Session 3:
Creating BRD, Activity Diagrams and Control Matrix:
• Business Process Flow
• Data Element/Data Mapping
• What is Gap Analysis
• What are Wire Frames / GUI?
• What are Activity Diagrams?
• What are Workflow Systems?
• What is Data Element?
• What is Data Mapping?
• How many types of Data is available?
• What is Static Data?
• What is Variable Data?
• What is Dynamic Data?
• CASE STUDY: Airlines Domain

Session 4:
Creating Use Cases and User Stories:
• What is the difference Waterfall and Agile (Scrum/Sprint) methodologies?
• What is a Use Case?
• What is an Actors?
• What is a Pre-Conditions?
• What are Post-Conditions?
• What is a Basic Flow?
• What are Alternate Flows?
• What are Error Flows?
• What is Artifacts Review and approval process?
• How to get approval / sign off on the requirement?
• What is a User Story?
• What is a Problem Statement?
• What is an Acceptance Criteria?
What is Prototyping for Business Analysis
• CASE STUDY: Insurance Domain

Session 5:
Requirements Management, Business Process Testing, Defects Management, Post Production:
• What is Business Process Testing?
• What is Positive testing vs Negative Testing?
• What is load testing, Performance testing?
• What is User Acceptance Testing?
• What is Rally?
• How to create User Stories in Rally?
• How to assign User Stories to project Recourse
• How to size the User Stories?
• How to create a task under each User Story?
• How to create a Release ?
• How to create an iteration in a release ?.
• How to define child User Stories in Rally?
• What is Test Plan Rally?
• How to write Test Cases in Rally?
• How to assign Test Cases to Rally?

Session 6:
Database Concepts and SQL:
• What is a Database?
• What is a Table?
• What is Primary Key?
• What is Foreign Key?
• What is a Select Statement?
• What are Insert, Update, and Delete Statements?
• What are SQL, TSQL, and PL/SQL?
• What is Primary Key?
• What is Foreign Key?

8. Software Testing:
• Introduction to QA Methodology
• Role of BA in Testing
• Creating Test Plans
• Creating Test Cases
• Different Testing Methods
• Functional and Regression testing
• White Box and Black Box Testing
• Positive and Negative Testing
• GUI and Unit Testing
• User Acceptance Testing

9. Complimentary Class:
• General discussions on different Databases
• General discussions on different Reporting tools
• General discussions on different programming languages etc.

Registration is in progress for our next batch of Sept-Oct 2017, Starting from Sept 20th.

Serious Inquiries Only: trainingIntellitaskllc.com OR 682-230-1492 for course Schedule & Other details.

Those who want to see the Demo, they can watch our previous DEMO free at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcjaQA9v8Ck

Click Here for more information.

Contact: Ahmed

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