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QA Automation Selenium, Free placement by QA guru

Sep 6th 2017, Location: Dallas,Texas

QA training with projects.Manual & Automation with Job placement assistance on Sat or Sun at 1pm CST

Texas community center/ Sigma counseling building
Address 1902 country club dr suite 110
Carrollton TX 75006

QA TRAINING Manual, Automation(Selenium), Web Services and Appium, MongoDB,Hadoop Testing with JOB on SAT at 1pm

More than 80% students get placed in each batch

Every Saturday at 12 noon

Typical rates start at $35 up to $50 per hour
Growing QA market in Dallas and throughout USA

Have you considered IT lately? Have you been dreaming of an IT career? Have you faced rejection in interviews? It's time to take a deeper look into the root cause. We have a course designed to meet most of your needs and help you get across the finish line.

ALL H1Bs, EAD, GCs, OOPTs and Citizens can join. Only serious candidates can join.

Online or in Dallas, irving, carrollton Learn QA Testing from QA Guru(over 21 years of Experience) for Web, Android, iPhones and make your future save for next ten years. Complete Project Based Hands on Training. Just computer basic knowledge is required to join this course.



Agile Testing
Test Plan
Test Scenario
Test Case
Test Script
Testing Types
Positive Testing
Negative Testing
Test Summary
Report,SDLC, Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC),
Traceability Matrix
Testing Standards
Sandbox Environment/Production,
Test Strategy, Planning, Test Data, Test Execution, Test Logs/Reports, Severity Vs. Priority, Manual Testing Ver Automated Testing, Testing Tool
All kinds of Testing,
Unit Testing
Integration Testing, System Testing,
Regression Testing
Functionality Testing, Load / Performance Testing,
Stress Testing, ,Compatibility Testing,
User Acceptance Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing,
Backend Testing Relational & BigDATA, Security Testing, Functional/Non Functional,
AdHoc, Black Box, etc

Defect Life Cycle (DLC)
Defect Tracking, Defect Priority, Defect Report, Impact Analysis,

> Qualities of a tester.

We will show you live mobile and web environment, give you sample TCs to Practice. Provide you all software and notes needed.

Testing Tools/Technologies Covered:

> QC/Test Director/ALM
> TestRail
> Jira/Bugzilla
> Unix
> Oracle/SQL
> Selenium
> VersionOne /Rally
> MongoDB/Hadoop
> No SQL

After this course you will feel like you have done 4-year degree in CS and discuss like the experienced QA Tester.

Comprehensive Interview Preparation, including:
- Resume (experience that fits employer expectations)
- Interview Strategy (active and aggressive presentation of your skills)
- References
* For those who need it, support is available after getting a job.

Note: if you have done QA Training and interested in JOB PLACEMENT only in Dallas TX, Email your resume with subject "Interested in QA JOB in Dallas only"

Selenium Course
Automation Overview
Core skills taught on courseSelenium IDE
Overview of Selenium IDE
Available add-insSelenese
Recording and replay of a Selenium IDE Test
Firebug, Firepath and other object recognition tools
Assertions and Verifications
Exporting a Selenium IDE Test as JavaCreating
Installing and configuring Eclipse
Creating a basic automated test and a test suite
Executing a test and test suite through Eclipse
Importing a test from Selenium IDESelenium WebDriver
Components of a Selenium Webdriver test in JUnitAnnotations in WebDriver
Interacting with the AUT: Object locatorsActions on Web
ElementsData Driving Selenium Tests
Use of data sources (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, databases) to provide increased maintainability flexibility.
Debugging and codingDebugging skills are a critical and often overlooked part of learning how to automate tests.
This section teaches the basics of how to debug in the Eclipse IDE,including: Setting breakpoints
Retrieving values on-the-flyStepping through code
Using observations from the Application under Test and data source
Making deductions
Building and testing a hypothesis
Page Object Model
Choice of element locatorUse of multiple locator properties
Use of Xpath or CSSUse of Xpath and CSS patterns
Use of ordinal identifiers
Xpath and CSS syntax: how to use the firepath tool to write more stable locators
For Loop
While Loop
Break Loops
Core Java Fundamentals Language Fundamentals
History of Java
Features of java
Java Programming Language Keywords
Class and Object
Data Types
Array Declaration, Construction and Initialization
Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions
Writing Code Using if and switch
Writing Code Using Loops
Handling Exceptions
Working with the Assertion Mechanism Using the java.lang.String Class
Using the java.lang.Math Class
Using Wrapper Classes
Using the equals() Method with
Strings and Wrappers and Objects Inner Classes
Method-Local Inner Classes
Anonymous Inner Classes
Static Nested Classes
Defining, Instantiating, and Starting Threads
Preventing Thread Execution
Synchronizing Code
Thread Interaction
Object Orientation, Overloading and Overriding, Constructors
Benefits of Encapsulation
Overridden and Overloaded Methods About Eclipse IDE
Installing Eclipse
Creating Simple Project in eclipse
Eclipse and Selenium together
Web Driver v/s RC
Architecture of Web Driver and RC
Web Driver IDE
Installation / Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver
Identifying the elements in Web Driver Using Id, Name, Xpath ,Dom and CSS
Working with Different drivers like HtmlUnit driver, Firefox Driver etc...
Creating the generic scripts in Web Driver
Creating the scripts by using functions
Web Driver Client Libraries
Web Driver commands with examples
Working with excel sheets using Web Driver
Web Driver with TestNG / Junit
Automation Framework
What is Framework
Types of Frameworks
What is modular framework
What is Data Driven framework
What is Keyword driven framework
What is Hybrid framework
Use of Framework
How to develop the framework
Integration of the framework
How to execute the scripts from framework

Testing Web Applications on Mobile Devices
What is HTML5
Mobile Browser Compatibility
Testing Strategy
Testing Steps
Industry Tools for Web Application Testing on Mobile Devices
Exercise & Assignments
Android Testing Environment
Android Test Projects
Android Test Case Classes
Additional Android Assertions
Mock Object Classes
Touch and Key Events
Testing and Threading Issues
Exercise & Assignments

Releasing (Android or IPA)
Using Eclipse
Test flightapp

Productivity Tips
The Android Debug Bridge (adb) and the Android Emulator Console
Installing and Uninstalling Apps
Copying Files to and from the Emulator/Device
Issuing Shell Commands on the Emulator/Device
Viewing the System Log with adb logcat
Emulator Runtime Images: User Data and SD Card
Exercise & Assignments

Automate Mobile Apps(Native,Hybrid,Web) on IOS & Android Platforms
Implement Framework from scratch for Mobile Apps
Learn all the features of Appium Test Automation Tool
All email will be answered. For address and other details:


Call (214) 390-7990 , (214) 516-5134 visit www.qaguruon99.com

Note: Please send email at qaguruonlinegmail.com, with your contact number.

Note: Also Offer online training. Always learn from industry experience people, who can share their real experience with you and provide you practical knowledge

Note: If you have one or more years of experience in QA Testing, Send your resume to qaguruonlinegmail.com, for small QA Projects


1. How this course is different from other QA Testing course?

A. After each topic, we discuss Q&A with real world scenarios, and all interview related questions are discussed.

2. Is the classes only on weekends?

A. Yes classes are conducted only on SAT/SUN. But we have daily 15 minutes scrum call to discuss daily progress. Which is proven track for all students to keep themselves uptodate.

3. Is placement help is provided?

A. Yes, our mission is to place our candidates on project. We place students as per their skill set like Jr. , Mid-Level, Sr. or Lead. So students feel comfortable during their job.

4. What is the starting salary?

Salary varies from $30/hour to $50/hour depending upon the project and your skill set.

5. Do you help in interview process?

A. Yes, We do help in interview process until you are placed.

6. So, how can I join?

A. Send an email at qaguruonlinegmail.com with your full name and contact number. You will get Invitation for orientation.

** Best of luck for your new career **
Name: QA Guru

Phone: +1 (214) 390-7990
Address: 1902 Country Club Dr Suite 100, Carrollton TX 75006
Or send your info

Contact: QA Guru

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