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Never wash hair with hot water. Use warm or cold water to prevent grey hair.
Massaging with egg oil can prevent premature grey hair.
Dissolve half teaspoon salt in one cup of water to make a salt water mouthwash. Now swish this mouthwash for at least 30 seconds, and then spit it out. Also you can gargle with lukewarm salt water for better results.
One of the proven remedy to cure mouth ulcer is to massage the gums in the mouth with a mixture of honey and coconut oil.
Rid from Mouth Ulcers :Eat a banana with curd as the first thing in the morning for better results.
Consuming raw tomatoes helps you in getting rid of mouth ulcers. You can even try gargling with tomato juice three to four times every day.
Remedie for mouth ulcer:Aloevera is an effective natural remedy for mouth ulcers. Take at least two tablespoons of aloe vera gel thrice daily for quick results.
Gargle with one glass of cold /chilled water and one glass of lukewarm water alternatively. This procedure will cure the mouth ulcers effectively.
Coconut milk is highly beneficial in soothing the pain of mouth ulcers. Mix a little honey in one tablespoon of coconut milk. Massage the affected area with it. Do this three or four times a day. Alternatively, you can simply rinse your mouth with fresh coconut milk or massage coconut oil on the affected area.
Bye bye to Mouth ulcers: Apply some honey to the ulcer.
Hair Growth : Take mixture of five spoons Curd with 5 spoons of Curry leaf paste and pack your scalp with this mixture. After 20 mins rinse with warm water.
Drink five litres of warm water per day to reduce weight loss.
Eating Cucumber can reduces joint pains.
Ask your child to Maintain this to Stop Wetting Bed during nights Increase fluid intake earlier in the day and reduce it later in the day.
Cabbage helps reduce body fat.
Sucking a piece of clove after meal helps in reducing acidity problems.
Chocolate Pack: 3 tbsp Honey 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder 1 tbsp Milk Mix well and apply on your face let it dry for 15 mins. Its reduces wrinkles and also for good blood circulation.
Spot the highest point in your muscle at which your index finger and thumb are adjoined. Now, massage it for four to five seconds. This technique will help you out in relieving facial pain, toothaches, headaches, neck pain and stress.
Few basic methods to remove spot from carpet. Blot use clean towel to blot the spot as much as you can. Vinegar apply with mixture of water and white vinegar and blot the spot. Baking soda apply baking soda over the spot and pat with clean towel.
Apply tomato daily on your face for a bright skin and also it reduces pimple problems.
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