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Potatoes have their nutrients in their skin. So try using potatoes without peeling it.
Whenever vegetables or dal is cooked in water, many nutrients are left back in the water. So do not throw it away. Instaed use it when making some gravies or soups.
Use the excess dal water from boiling dal to make rasam.
Similarly adding salt to the chicken also slows up the browing.
To knead chappattis, add 1/3 cup of warm water for 1 cup of flour approximately. To make softer chapattis, add warm milk or curd while kneading.
To make crispier puris, add a little rava(Upma) to the wheat flour while kneading.
If there is any inching or rashes on skin just apply coconut oil. Note: Do not rub/massage the skin with the oil just apply it gentle.
Before apply compact lotion or any face cream rub your face with Ice cube, It keeps your face fresh for long time.
Dill seeds work well as an appetizer and is therefore commonly used in cooking.
The essential oil of dill is used to encourage milk production in nursing mothers.
You can chew on dill seeds to get rid of the problem of bad breath.
The seeds of dill may be applied to the mouth to relieve inflammation of the throat.
Add Dill while mixing henna which gives better growth to your hair. Smash Dill (Menthulu) and then mix it well.
For better taste & better gravy in dumka biriyani add more curd.
Tip for introducing solids: Be calm and relaxed when you start to feed your baby.
Better digestion in babies: Introduce solids at about six months of age
Eating papaya regularly can prevent blood clots.
Eating Papaya helps to lower your stress levels.
Coffee may help ward off depression.
Apply oil on wooden chopping board so tha it will protect from bacteria.
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