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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Feb 01  2015 - Sat, Feb  07  2015

The planetary configurations this week suggest that things will start on an optimistic note. Your positivity will reflect in the work you do at office, and also in the way you interact with your near and dear ones after office hours. Your superiors will be mightily pleased with the way you take the initiative and tackle challenges head-on. However, Ganesha advises you not to expect immediate results, but to keep pegging on patiently. Also, this is a favourable phase to plan your future strategies, so that when the time comes to act, you are not found wanting. Businessmen should clear off excess inventory to make way for new stocks. This move will help you make faster progress in your business as sales will shoot up. On the romantic front, singles in a committed relationship shall have an enjoyable time.
This week is a favourable phase for undertaking marketing activities, and Ganesha predicts that they will bear good results. This in turn will improve your financial situation. However, since some unexpected expenses are also on the cards, you may not be left with surplus funds. As for professional matters, the stars are in your favour, and thus your performance at your workplace will be remarkable and you will draw praise from both your peers and superiors. You shall get along very well with your co-workers, and your work atmosphere will be jovial because of which you will enjoy doing your tasks. Your bosses shall also be pleased with your commitment towards work and your consistent efforts. On the whole, there shall be positive developments on all fronts in your life.
You shall be in your elements at your workplace this week, predicts Ganesha. The planetary positions will motivate you to take on extra responsibilities. And, you will also take a lot of initiative, which shall impress your bosses, earning you rewards and recognition. However, be wary of your colleagues, as they may not be very cooperative now. Your financial position shall be quite comfortable, though. You shall be able to meet your routine demands with ease. On the financial front, you may feel a bit disturbed, with your spouse not being too supportive, and not in total agreement with your views and opinions. This emotional disturbance could lead to health problems, so take care. The situation being somewhat delicate, Ganesha advises you to handle things with maturity.
This appears to be a favourable week for professionals. You can expect some incentives or arrears. Although your performance will be more than expected, and you will get the right exposure to improve your skills, you may not feel comfortable in the presence of your seniors. Colleagues will be supportive. Matters related to personal life and money are likely to demand your attention. Although, there will be extra money coming your way now, there will also be additional expenses related to domestic requirements. Ganesha advises you not to worry much, though, as you may get a good amount of money in the near future, which will considerably compensate for your losses. This money could be the maturity sum for an investment made earlier or some gains from a property.
You shall work very hard during this week, predicts Ganesha, mainly because you wish to build a strong reputation for being a dedicated worker which could fetch you better opportunities. But if you are looking to change your job this week itself, you shall be disappointed. You would do well to improve your set of skills, make more contacts and gain more experience before thinking of changing your job. You should also keep yourself abreast of latest technology. The stars suggest that the time is ripe to take stock of all aspects of life, especially those related to spiritual awakening, career and financial matters. On the financial front, since there is unlikely to be any extra inflow of money, you may find yourself in a soup if you don t check your lavish lifestyle.
In the initial stages of the week you shall be in a generous mood, donating money for charity work and also lending your services to NGOs. However, along with it you shall have to fulfil the demands of your love partner. Incidentally, the ruler of the 10th House from your Sign, Mercury, is also the ruler of your Sign. This makes the movement of Mercury very important for your Sign ? more so, during this week. Mercury will be moving in a retrograde mode now, so don t expect too many positives. Anyway, the period shall be conducive for deliberating over decisions and actions taken earlier. Businessmen should make plans for the future. If you are single and in a relationship, you can look forward to an enjoyable week with your sweetheart.
Your steady progress in your career this week shall make you feel positive about your future prospects, foretells Ganesha. Around mid-week, the Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter, placed in the 11th House from your Sign. The 11th House relates to gains, but since both Mercury and Jupiter will be transiting in retrograde mode, no noticeable gains may accrue. This retrogression, however, shall provide you with the opportunity to review your strategy and plans for the future. Over the weekend, incidental expenses are likely to increase. On the domestic front, you might experience some uneasy moments. Differences over priorities may strain your relationship for a while, but if you manage to handle things with maturity and patience, the negativities will vanish in a couple of days.
This week, Moon will be placed favourably for you. This and other planetary configurations suggest that you shall be in a very positive frame of mind. You shall be motivated to put in more efforts to achieve higher growth. However, since certain stars shall be moving in retrograde mode, do not expect immediate results, says Ganesha. Thus, it would be better for you to restrict yourself to planning and reviewing your actions. Businessmen shall have to keep a track of inventory and plan for future purchases accordingly. Freelancers may have a tough time finding an assignment. Health may remain a cause of concern for the old and middle-aged. Those with diabetic conditions should go for regular check-ups to avoid complications. Also, do not neglect medication.
The stars this week indicate that you are likely to be preoccupied with career-related matters. But, you may have contrasting experiences. While you may feel motivated to keep moving without worrying about the outcome, you will also be constantly reminded of ground realities. Around mid-week, you will be more optimistic, willing to see the positive side of everything. But, you will also tend to be more introverted. On the career front, you may be looking for a change, but Ganesha feels that you should be patient, and let more favourable planetary positions develop before taking any decision. Saturn positioned in your Sign, being influenced by Jupiter, suggests basic changes related to your personal life and money matters may take place. Other things may not let you pay enough attention on the domestic front.
You may experience some stress on the domestic front, owing to some disagreements with your spouse this week, foretells Ganesha. However, the full Moon shall have a sobering effect on you. You will tend to look inwards, and become more accommodative. At your workplace, your seniors shall be, happily, in an amicable mood, not pressurizing you unnecessarily. However, owing to the absence of a senior team member, you may now need to shoulder more responsibilities, especially around the weekend. Don t say no, as this will actually be a good opportunity, which will help you get a taste of an authoritative role. For businessmen, this would be a routine week. Health issues, especially digestive system issues, may bother you, and for a part of the week your routine may go for a toss.
The planets suggest that your emotions are likely to run high this week. It would now be best to keep away from contentious matters and even a loved one, not only to avoid arguments but also to give him/her more space. Financially, you may be a little hard-pressed, and the option of borrowing money may seem attractive. You may also suffer from some minor health issues over the weekend. Don t worry, as you won t let this disturb your routine. Students may find it difficult to remain focused; those pursuing higher education too may feel stressed, due to meagre finances. Freshers seeking suitable employment may be disappointed, what with no positive response forthcoming. The time is right to go in for a refresher course to sharpen your skills.
You are likely to face some hostile situations, owing to the full Moon rising in Leo and in conjunct with retrograde Jupiter placed in the 6th House from your Sign. These circumstances are more likely to be created in personal and occupational life. Not surprisingly, your relationship with your life partner will be strained this week. This is mainly because both of you will have an inflated ego and neither will be ready to compromise. With both Jupiter and Mercury being retrograde, it will take some time before peace and harmony returns in your relationship. Professionals are in for a hectic week. Your superiors could be breathing over your neck. Ganesha says taking too much stress could take a toll on your health and affect your efficiency, so take some time out to relax and recharge your batteries.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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