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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Dec 21  2014 - Sat, Dec  27  2014

Ganesha expects this to be a power-packed week for you, as at the beginning of the week, there will be a Stellium of planets in Capricorn ? the 10th sign from yours. You shall be overly busy during the week ahead and you shall hardly have time for your family. You may achieve some sort of a milestone in your current work area. Alternatively, you may start a new career around this time. Your complete focus will be on work, be it a job or business. Your social and professional image is going to get a boost for sure. As you are going to see greater progress on the career front, you are likely to be confident and happier this week. The areas of concern would be married life and kids, as you shall not be able to pay much attention to them.
With lots of planets in the 9th House from your sign, Ganesha foresees that this is the best week to plan or actually start off on a long-distance trip. You can go on a pilgrimage or set out on a trip to a foreign land. And if any of these two things do not work out, you could end up taking a trip to somewhere nearer. You are likely to have a religious or a philosophical bent of mind this week. Luck is now in your favour and you shall succeed in almost anything you do. However, domestic issues may keep you unhappy. This week is not suitable for taking decisions like shifting house or office. Those willing to buy a new vehicle should hold back for some days. Though heavy expenses are foreseen, you shall have enough reserves to deal with them.
Ganesha advises you to take good care of your health during this festive season. You may suffer from mental anxiety or physical stress. This week you must not schedule too many things, as your body and mind need some rest. Avoid worrying or speculating over matters, and try to get some solitude. Ganesha feels that this week you should stick to routine work, and not undertake anything even slightly challenging. Those in business may experience some stress as during this time there shall be some problems which may be difficult to resolve immediately. Partnerships may look a little tricky to handle but avoid taking any major decision on this aspect, and take things as they come. Maintaining status quo now is more important than anything else.
This week you are likely to socialise a lot; either you shall invite people to your home or you shall visit them at their place, predicts Ganesha. You shall also become the cynosure of everyone s eye during this week. Wherever you go, you shall meet someone already known to you. You shall become more popular and influential under the effect of planetary Stellium in Capricorn. With the effect of new moon a new personal or professional partnership can begin. This is the best period for public figures belonging to your sign. Ganesha feels that during this week you shall neither be paying much attention to work nor would you be focussed on domestic affairs but your energies shall be devoted to others and on the activities that give you personal satisfaction.
Ganesha foretells that during this week, your routine chores shall keep you busy. It is also possible that while you are busy at work, some pressing social obligation may slip out of your mind, which you shall remember only after getting back home. This week you need to take good care of your health because of the transit of four planets through Capricorn. Retrograde Jupiter transiting through your sign may not allow you to perform at your very best, and you may be left feeling that you could have done better. Ganesha feels that during this week you may want to get rid of some old habits and cultivate new ones. You need to maintain a fixed routine, for which you may have to do some rescheduling and also fix some time for relaxation.
This week your performance is likely to be brilliant in almost all areas of life, foresees Ganesha. You shall be very practical as far as worldly matters are concerned. You may try to make life-style changes. At work, you shall outshine everyone else. People involved in import-export business, however, may find the going tough. You shall feel keenly inclined towards arts, films, dramas ? entertainment of any kind. Your expressions will be more dramatic and mind will become more creative. This is the best period to start a new love relationship. However, those who are already in a relationship may be circumspect about committing. Ganesha feels that during this week you shall be able to do well in the field of research and development.
Your major focus this week shall be on the domestic sphere, predicts Ganesha, although you shall have to do the tight-rope act to balance your personal and professional lives. A lot of guests are likely to come calling. You may have to get your home redecorated, or get all the plumbing and electrical repairs done. This week you might have to work from home as well, so much so that even if you are involved in an important family function, you will have to carry the laptop with you and work from there as well. Mars and Saturn exchange indicates that you are likely to have some gains through speculation or through stock market investments. By and large, this week looks good, but you may remain under pressure all the time and almost everywhere.
Ganesha foresees that you may have to undertake short-distance trips this week, which shall surely benefit you in some way or the other. You may not have sufficient time to make the atmosphere light at your home, and yet your family shall be happy with you, because you shall be in a jovial and positive mood. You have been maintaining a very disciplined routine of late, but this week you shall grant yourself some liberties and try to enjoy life to the fullest. There may be too much pressure on you because of constant communications, whether you like it or not, either through email or on the phone. On the job or business front, you are likely to repent some of your decisions, feels Ganesha. This is the time during which you should not try to force the pace of anything and just flow with the tide.
Family and financial matters shall take centre-stage this week, foresees Ganesha. Your investments, assets, financial plans everything shall now have to be carefully reviewed. You may also be on the lookout for earning a few extra bucks from some other avenue. Ganesha assures that you do have talents which you can capitalise on to earn extra income. However, your expenses too are likely to spiral, meaning that you shall not be able to save anything no matter how much you earn. Business shall be profitable, but professionals may have to wait a little longer for rewards. Best part is, Ganesha finds you less impulsive and more practical during this week. You shall be inclined towards spirituality. Your views about religion might change and you may think more unconventionally, feels Ganesha.
You shall have to display exemplary patience this week as you shall most likely be taken for a ride by four planets. You shall become self-centred and may wish to play safe in almost every area of life. You shall be very active. Your temper may also keep swinging from one end to another, and it may become very difficult for others to gauge your mood at any given point. Chances of losing your temper over petty trifles is pretty high. You may not be in a mood to accept your flaws this week and no one shall dare to tell you anything. Ganesha feels that you may be so absorbed in yourself that it may appear that you are not in sync with the outer world, which may or may not be true. Even as this tricky phase operates, you can expect great things to happen on the career front.
Your dominant desire this week shall be for solitude, foretells Ganesha. It s best that you take a vacation all by yourself and go to a place where you shall be guaranteed anonymity, so that you can retrospect, introspect, meditate, or do whatever you wish without interference from anyone ? no boss, no spouse, no children. Just you and you alone. However, not all of you shall be able to afford the luxury of a vacation, in which case it would be best for you to avoid the company of people from whom you cannot learn anything ? just do your work in office, come back home and snuggle up with your favourite book. Spend more time thinking about life from different perspectives. During this period some of you are going to experience some extremely romantic moments. Take care of your health and fitness.
Ganesha feels that this whole week shall be busy for you as you shall be dealing with large groups of people all the time. Activities related to kids, interactions with siblings, friends and people from different communities are most likely. Your contacts shall come in very handy for getting work, especially if you are a freelancer. It s not as if you are taking advantage of your contacts, but just that some of them shall recommend your name so strongly that work shall flow in. This week there is a lot of potential to earn extra money. You shall have a great time enjoying with your friends. The only catch this week is that you could end up burning a hole in your pocket. So money that you are likely to earn may be spent like water.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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