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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Aug 31  2014 - Sat, Sep  06  2014

Ganesha predicts that you shall be open-minded and receptive to knowledge from different sources this week. You shall try to gain expertise in your area or subject of interest. You shall not shy away either from taking up advanced studies or hard work in pursuit of this knowledge. Communicating with others, especially known experts in your area of interest, will help you gather more knowledge. You shall also make the best use of technology. The planets this week are also in favour of taking up some extra-curricular activity or a hobby, which can be both entertaining and capable of recharging your batteries. Some activity that can make you feel good should be started during this week, advises Ganesha, because the positivity it generates shall help you in achieving your goals.
Your behaviour this week may tend to be a bit strange, predicts Ganesha. You shall not be your normal self. Generally pretty rigid, this week you shall be flexible and shall make a conscious effort to adjust to whatever the circumstances may be. This shall definitely make your tasks easier. In official or personal meetings, you may have to be receptive. This week can contribute a great deal to your career progress, but only if you are open to new ideas. This phase is favourable if you are self-employed or a freelancer. Even though your financial inflow shall be normal, you may not be too happy with it. Somewhere you may be disturbed emotionally, and therefore are unable to find joy and peace. However, this is a temporary phase and shall soon pass, assures Ganesha. Love life shall be average.
On the professional front, this week seems to be favourable and you shall not face any major issues while dealing with colleagues or superiors. You shall, however, need to explore new dimensions at work in order to break the monotony. While trading on the stock market, you may be able to earn, but Ganesha advises you not to become too greedy or exceed your limits to invest. On the personal front, this week indicates some stress in your relationships, which includes a spouse, beloved or friend. You may feel that others are expecting too much from you. Ganesha advises you to avoid getting hurt and not take things to heart. During this week you are likely to take a keen interest in subjects such as psychology and metaphysics. You shall be ready to explore new subjects and discuss such topics with others around you.
Ganesha is happy to inform you that after a longish far-from-fortunate span of time, the stars are at last smiling down on you this week. Now you shall be able to develop a keen interest in new subjects, which will help you open new doors of perception. You shall be able to find peace in spiritual practices or in religious activities. You shall change your views about people, religion and society. This week you shall be spending more time engaging yourself in creative activities after office time. Those in business shall now understand that you will have to do away with old-fashioned methods of business and opt for something that s trendy these days, in order to make quick progress in your projects. Health-wise, Ganesha feels this week doesn t seem to be very favourable. Love life will remain so-so.
Financial matters, particularly with regard to economising your affairs, shall dominate this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall try to cut down on your costs, which shall be rather difficult for you because you believe in living luxuriously. You shall closely review your budget and try to pinpoint exactly which are the areas where you can reduce expenses. This shall hold true for professionals and businessmen alike. Alongside, you may be on the lookout for avenues that can help you enhance your income, as you may have begun to feel that your present income is inadequate to fulfil all your desires. On the other hand, you may be acutely conscious of the utter futility of such material pursuits, realising that these pleasures are all transient, and may end up seeking solace in spirituality, hoping that it provides a more permanent source of happiness.
Research and development is going to be the operative phrase for you this week, foretells Ganesha. The desire to invent or discover something new is very strong. You feel you need to make a meaningful contribution to this world. Your mind shall be busy contemplating higher goals while your routine job or business progresses on auto-pilot. This is not a very good time to invest in land or property, but it is a good time to invest in strengthening your foundations of knowledge. Yes, if you study seriously or build on your knowledge base now, Ganesha feels it shall be the equivalent of a treasure trove. With Mercury and North Node in Libra, you must avoid harsh criticism because it can spoil your relations with others. Ganesha advises you to deflate your bloated ego.
Be prepared to face a hectic week, says Ganesha. Things that were dormant shall now start gaining momentum. Your financial graph will gradually start going up. Things on both the personal and professional fronts are likely to become smoother. Your relations with your bosses shall improve. You shall be spending money on friends, but they shall return the favour by holding you in high regard and showering a lot of affection on you. This week, you shall also be able to earn through contacts and your reputation shall spread through word of mouth, fetching many assignments. This week is good for working with youngsters. That is to say, if you wish to impart training to the youngsters in your company or even in your family, this is the best week. Ganesha feels your approach towards social and personal issues shall be diplomatic.
Ganesha predicts that you shall receive a lot of love, caring and attention from your family members this week. In fact, they shall be contributing to your career progress by supporting you from the backstage while you slog it out in the amphitheatre of your life. Business shall start improving from now on. You shall see that people who did not support you in the past shall now start favouring you. Suddenly your social status will start improving. People around you shall give you more respect. At your office, your colleagues shall seek your guidance. Some of your relatives may try to take undue advantage of you, so beware of them. Till the weekend, you shall be very busy with work but during the weekend, you shall spend quality time with your spouse or beloved.
Your focus this week shall be on matters related to finance, knowledge and position/ power, predicts Ganesha. You shall be ready to sacrifice your interests for others and shall pass on your opportunities to those around you, but they may turn out to be very selfish and may not return the favour. Still, you shall continue doing the noble work without thinking much about rewards. During this week you may wish to spend a lot of time in deep introspection for which you may require absolute solitude. You are probably profoundly lost in thoughts about a particular subject, and unless you find your answers, you may continue in such an absent-minded manner. However you shall be secretive about it and when you have to socialize, you won t even let people get an inkling about what s on your mind. In short, this week strongly indicates an inward journey.
Ganesha foretells that as per your planetary configurations, this week you shall be very busy sharing new ideas with people around you. On the job or business fronts, you shall not only remain very active yourself, but shall keep others on their toes, too. The idea may be to expedite some projects to meet deadlines. This implies that the chances of compromising with the quality of work may increase manifold. However, since professionalism is your mantra, you shall get the job done by hook or by crook. Your business competitors may be very strong and active. Even on the job front, you are likely to experience cut-throat competition. In a nutshell, this week is going to keep you busy throughout. In your conjugal life, you may be physically contented, but emotionally you may be dissatisfied.
Ganesha advises you to do some serious retrospection in order to realise where exactly you have gone wrong, and how much those mistakes have cost you, so that you can immediately start taking corrective measures. You shall realise that people around you may have exploited your lenient attitude and taken you for granted. But now it is high time that you put your foot down and take charge of circumstances. The chances of getting into bitter disputes with your superiors is rather high, so take care. Besides, don t let harsh words or criticism bother you. Anyway, decision like quitting your job should not be taken under the influence of hard transits of planets, so just bide your time, and keep your cool till the cosmos turns in your favour. Also, Ganesha assures you that if you look at things positively, everything shall be fine.
Your personal life shall hold the edge over your professional life this week, foretells Ganesha. Though you love and enjoy your work, and are well-respected in your organisation, this week you are likely to start looking around for a more lucrative opportunity. However, it is unlikely to materialise any time soon. Ganesha feels that since you are very attached to your family members, you are likely to give them more importance than your job this week. You shall shower your near and dear ones with love and affection. As for your close friends, you shall go out of your way to help them out of their difficulties. Towards the weekend, the health of your spouse may cause you a lot of anxiety. You may also be tensed about ancestral or joint property. Avoid taking hasty decisions.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com


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