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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Sep 21  2014 - Sat, Sep  27  2014

You shall be in a mood to bring about positive changes in your life this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall be keen to change your daily routine, not just by streamlining your routine activities, but by also taking up some form of exercise to increase your stamina and energy levels so that you can be in a better shape to perform all your duties satisfactorily. Joining a gym or some yoga classes is quite in order, as this week is an auspicious time to begin any activity that helps you stay in good health, or even improve it. You need to uphold your health as in all likelihood you shall remain under tremendous work pressure, and it shall just keep on increasing each day. What you can do is, prioritise your work in such a way that you get sufficient time left for extra-curricular activities.
A somewhat tricky lunar cycle has begun for you, foresees Ganesha, during which you shall have to be extra careful about not just your job but also your health. Unexpected negative events may suddenly happen in the office, and people may try to make you a scapegoat, so it is very important to stay extremely alert about what s going on around you. Events shall drain your energy, mainly because some of the events shall be utterly futile. Things which you could do easily shall seem to be very tough to accomplish during this week. Finance and health may both pose problems if you have not made proper plans for them. Avoid over-eating, over-spending and over-emoting. In short, anything in excess can become troublesome for you. Jupiter holding an angle from your Sign is the only saving grace this week. If you flow with the tide, it shall be all right.
Ganesha predicts that this week you may be preoccupied with matters related to children, speculation, investments, studies and performance at work. In all these areas you will have to practice caution. As per Ganesha s view, this week is going to be very tough for students. You should try hard to maintain your focus on studies or you may flunk or barely scrape through. Job may be demanding more hours, more energy and more precision. You will now have to prove your metal again and achieve some targets, which may annoy you, but even the best of cricket players have to hit a century to prove that they can still play well! This week however will be good for all those professionals whose job involves travelling. In short, this week is slightly tricky but you are intelligent enough to handle it well, feels Ganesha.
There shall be minor issues that you shall need to sort out this week, which by and large appears to be favourable, says Ganesha. Your finances shall be in balance but suddenly some unexpected expense could crop up due to which you may have to shell out extra money. On the domestic front, even as everything seems to be going on smoothly, suddenly some action may misfire or there may be some miscommunication which could cause commotion in your family life. Ganesha feels that during this week you shall have to be very punctual in your work. Your routine may be hectic and tiring. You may want peace of mind but somehow or the other you may not have it till the weekend. Luckily planets changing Sign this week will put your problems at rest towards the weekend.
Ganesha foresees that this week you shall start working on fresh/ new ideas. Generally when you work on new ideas, you are in a good mood but this week you shall be under more pressure. Ganesha feels that during this week your confidence level shall be slightly low, but you won t let it show. Your mind will constantly be busy thinking about some aspect or the other related to work or any other matter related to your life. For students, this is a very good week - grasping power shall increase and you would be able to concentrate better. If you are to appear in exams this week, Ganesha advises you to be confident. Don t let negativity seize you, as this world is but a canvas to our imagination (Thoreau). So if you think negatively, you shall attract negative energy.
This week is likely to be very vital for you, foretells Ganesha. Stellium of four planets in Libra for a few days during this week indicates heavy activity on the financial and family fronts. As per Ganesha s view, this week many of your important issues shall get sorted out. Your approach towards matters related to money and family shall be so balanced that it will make other things easy. Your ability to plan things ahead and your organised approach towards all tasks will come in handy and will help you streamline everything. Job, of course, shall not be completely hassle-free but you can tone down problems by communicating directly with the concerned people. Business shall require a very careful handling. You are advised not to lend money to anyone or not to trust anyone blindly.
In the initial stages of this week you shall be feeling a little down in the dumps, predicts Ganesha. This frustration or depression may have something to do with your not being able to achieve the targets you had set for yourself. But as the week progresses, you shall regain your form. During this week you shall be inclined to take risks. Some of you may think of quitting your job and starting a business. Though things may be looking favourable at the moment, Ganesha advises you not to take any undue risks. Things on the job front may be looking up. You will be able to think very positively about your work and you may also do something that will make you and your employers feel proud. Those of you in troubled marriage relationships may now wish to take decisions quickly, but Ganesha warns you to avoid taking any hasty decisions.
Ganesha assures you that you have immense inner strength, and that though this week may present impossibly tough situations, Ganesha advises you not to lose faith in yourself and tackle them with the same courage that you always do. The week indicates some major expenses, some allegations and troubles from the outside world but do not let this disturb your balance. Your language may become harsh and your attitude bossy due to several planetary transits. However, deep inside you remain the same decent and simple human being. If someone tries to interfere in your life, you shall get irritated. This week suggests - you shall have enough moral support of friends but all friends may not be as honest as you are, so beware of the cunning ones. Luckily, despite problems on the job or business front, Ganesha feels that you will be able to sail through the week successfully.
Your work shall gain great momentum this week, foretells Ganesha. Though you shall be restless, you shall still be able to focus on work and keep finishing one task after another in quick succession. However, remember when an Archer starts shooting quickly, he/ she may end up hitting some wrong targets too! In short, this week be careful not to waste your energy behind wasteful activities. You may want to gain more knowledge, and that too quickly. You shall also become impatient to surmount all work-related troubles soon. Relations with friends or other associates may sour this week. Due to your innate wisdom, this week you shall be able to handle things well and you will also not take anything to heart as whatever is happening is just happening in the outside world - your soul is free from all the hassles!
Your professional life shall dominate your personal life this week, foretells Ganesha. However, on both fronts this week there shall be something positive and something negative. Solving the problems on both sides may take up a great deal of your precious time. The good thing is that you have a pragmatic outlook and therefore the solutions which you come out with shall be easy to implement practically. Your most favourable planet Venus is entering it s own Sign Libra towards the weekend, after which things will surely improve. Till then, you may find yourself in a fire-fighting mode. During this week, you are advised to remain very focussed while driving as your Charts indicate that there may be chances of a mishap.
Ganesha foresees that you shall work very conscientiously this week, without compromising anything. Those of you in business may now consider breaking off with people or things that are not useful or are unproductive. During this week, your desire to travel across the seas shall increase. You shall want to explore whatever is possible and accessible. If you cannot afford foreign travel, you may go on a short-distance trip. You may harbour religious and philosophical doubts. Your belief system may change. However, if you happen to meet some spiritual Guru or someone who has explored the unknown deeply, they may be able to provide you the right answers. While worldly affairs will be very important for you, such seemingly small quests will be equally important.
Ganesha foretells that you shall be very busy with your professional obligations this week. Good for you, as you shall hardly have time to be emotional about any other area of life, especially about any other person. Jupiter s transit through Leo will be making your day-to-day routine easy but at the same time, health-wise you may not be feeling so good. You probably need to undergo a proper medical check-up and find out what exactly the problem is. This week your creativity shall be at a low ebb, so you shall not be very satisfied with yourself. It is time to boost your enthusiasm by watching some inspirational films or by reading some biographies/ autobiographies. There may be a strong temptation for switching your job, and if you come across a suitable one, there s nothing wrong in changing.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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