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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Apr 12  2015 - Sat, Apr  18  2015

You are likely to be in a hurry to resolve the domestic problems you may have been facing now. Go slow, or in this hasty process, you may end up spoiling the matters even more, something which you are bound to regret later. Thankfully, with Jupiter placed in the 5th House from your Sign, and positively influencing you now, you may adopt a more philosophical approach in most matters, which will help you cool down. Later, the crafty Mercury will shift its position to enter the fixed, earth Sign Taurus on Wednesday. This shift will make Mercury and Venus come in exchange with each other, bringing in a spell of good times for money matters and public relations. Also, with Venus in the Sign ruled by Mercury, you will acquire a good sense of judgement about the commercial value of a product. Around mid-week, you shall venture out to buy new objects of creature comforts for your family.
Your unflinching dedication towards work is bound to please your bosses this week, and you may be rewarded either monetarily or through a promotion. Businessmen should also be able to strike profitable deals around this time, while freelancers too may be a happy lot on account of some old contacts getting revived. On Wednesday, Mercury will enter your Sign, and will be in exchange with Venus. This will further enable you to handle money matters wisely. You may develop a sharp sense of judgement about the commercial importance of things. Family members will be cooperative, but some unexpected household expenses may upset your savings plan. This is because Jupiter will have an influence over your 12th House, which is related to expenses. But, rest assured the positive influence of Jupiter will help you manage these expenses comfortably, says Ganesha.
You shall begin the week in high spirits, but thankfully with one foot firmly planted on the ground. On Wednesday, Mercury will enter the fixed Sign Taurus in the 12th House from your Sign. This will bring Mercury and Venus in exchange with each other. As a result of this alliance, you will be careful, while spending your hard-earned money and will avoid unnecessary expenses. However, despite this positive inclination, you may not be able to save much. At work, you are likely to face fewer constraints, which will allow you to perform efficiently. You may also be sent to another city or country, and may be asked to work from there for a brief while, wherein you will perform exceedingly well. As a result you may even get a promotion or an increment, indicates Ganesha.
Owing to some petty dispute with your spouse, you may tend to sulk a lot this week, spoiling the domestic harmony. Your tight financial situation will only add to your problems, and prevent you from taking any decisive actions. On Wednesday, Mercury will move on to enter the fixed earth Sign Taurus in the 11th House from your Sign. This will make Mercury and Venus come in exchange with each other, which is a good indicator. However, given the retrograde Saturn in opposition to Venus, you may miss out on some good opportunities to make monetary gains. This may also be because of your failure to respond promptly. So, keep your eyes and ears open! On the health front, complaints related to the respiratory system will have to be attended immediately with the right medication. Ganesha also advises you to drive carefully.
The planetary configurations this week indicate that businessmen will be able to assess the ground realities correctly. While expanding territory or adding a new product, this newly acquired commercial perspective is likely to help you tremendously. You will also become wiser in managing money matters and avoiding wasteful expenses. As a negative, Venus placed in the 11th House from your Sign may lead to distraction, and if you?re not careful, you may miss out on some good opportunities to make monetary gains. To ensure this doesn?t happen, you may tale appropriate measures, for example friends must be told clearly not to call on you during working hours unless it?s urgent. Professionals, any how, will tend to be more practical than fanciful at this time. On the academic front, Ganesha advises students to brace up for disappointing results, if they fail to put in requisite efforts.
Freelancers and businessmen are likely to benefit from the starry transits this week. You may get a positive response from outstation customers/employers. Professionals, however, may get hurt emotionally during this phase because of the non co-operative and seemingly hostile attitude of peers. This, in turn, may affect your day-to-day performance. But on the positive side, there is a high probability that you may get some extra money by way of arrears getting released or returns from investments made earlier. This will help you meet incidental expenses comfortably. Businessmen can also expect some old sticky dues to be returned. Some turmoil on the domestic front is expected, but nothing serious. As long as you stay cool and don t get into heated arguments, things will be fine.
Ganesha predicts that this week professionals will excel in your work and shall be duly rewarded. Even your colleagues will appreciate your work. During this period, businessmen are likely to feel happy as you may clinch a lucrative deal through an old contact. Later on Wednesday, Mercury will enter the fixed earth Sign Taurus, while exalted Sun will be in conjunct with malefic Ketu placed in the 7th House. This will impact your marital life, creating disharmony. On the financial front, however, you may be in a more comfortable position during this phase. The week is also favourable to invest your money and look for steady long-term returns. Students may expect a favourable week, and your exam results may even exceed your expectations.
You are likely to focus your attention on refurbishing the interior decoration of your house. On Wednesday, Mercury will enter the fixed earth Sign Taurus in the 7th House from your Sign which will make Mercury and Venus come in exchange with each other. As a result of this shift, your in-laws could surprise you with an exciting present. Businessmen may not feel very happy financially as some old dues may be pending. Over the weekend, the new Moon will start emerging and you may feel like spending more quality time with your spouse. Singles craving for a companion may succeed in expressing your feelings and shall forge a new relationship. This is also a good time for those already in a relationship to propose marriage.
If you are fresh out of college and looking out for a job, this week could prove to be fruitful for you. As an important change, ruler of the 10th House from your Sign, Mercury, will enter the fixed, earth Sign Taurus on Wednesday. This will make Mercury and Venus come in exchange with each other. But this planetary shift does not bode well for marital life as it may create disharmony. Those of you in a relationship are also likely to feel disappointed by the unresponsive attitude of the person you love. But do not get worked up over this. Instead, try to stay busy with work-related issues. Most of you may find it hard to meet regular expenses, but the salaried class will be spared by the stars. Travel will benefit businessmen and marketing personnel.
Personal matters take the centre stage, this week, indicates the cosmos. The positive influence of Jupiter, however, will help you to some extent to overcome major hurdles. Cohesive forces, induced and backed by Jupiter, will work well in helping you in settling family issues. Moreover, with Venus placed in its own Sign Taurus, in the 5th House from your Sign, you can expect some extra money coming your way now. But, you will have to plan your finances in a way, so that you are prepared to meet any emergency situation, if it arises in the future. Besides, with both Mars and Saturn exerting an influence over the House related to expenses, you may end up spending money indiscriminately. So, watch your finances, says Ganesha, Also, if you don t take proper care of your health, you may have to stay at home resting for a few days, which you won t like. Thus, beware!
Domestic matters may keep you preoccupied in the early stages of the week. There may be some disappointments on this front, and you may be in a hurry to resolve issues and get things back on track. But, the planetary alliances in the days to come may not help you much, and you may have to keep doing your best to balance out everything - for a little while longer. Financially, however, you shall be comfortable. This will be a good time to invest spare money in long-term bonds, which assure steady returns, as this will give you a great sense of security about your and your family s future. Professionals may be rather busy this week, as they may have to do some multitasking to finish certain tasks within given deadlines. Remember that completing your work on time will earn you the appreciation of your superiors, reminds Ganesha.
The planetary configurations this week indicate that your expenses are likely to shoot up, but rest assured that you will be able to manage your finances quite well, as inflow of funds too is likely to increase. By the end of the week, you shall be more or less even-Stevens on the financial front, assures Ganesha. However, you will have to be extremely alert, on almost all fronts of life. Jupiter will favour you on the financial front, but Saturn will pose obstacles, which may lead to conflicts, slow progress, or even unexpected expenses for illness, children s fee or other household stuff. Health issues, in fact, may continue to bother you now, if they are not taken care of promptly. Later, Mercury will change Sign to enter the fixed earth Sign Taurus, a Sign ruled by Venus. This, planetary move shall help you resolve domestic problems, but this will apply mostly from end of the week onwards.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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