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I am looking for a travel companion from Chicago Ohare to Hyderabad and planning to reserve the ticket for the month of October 2 week for my mother-in-law. I am flexible with booking dates before week ( 1st week or 3rd week of October as well). Please do let us know if any one interested. Can contact on ph: 3615228655. -Mohan Raju Unanswered
I am planning to relocate to Chennai in 2nd week of April 2018. If anybody is moving to Chennai in the similar timeframe and looking for container to move the households, please let me know we can share the container. For information, I have single bedroom work of stuff to move. -Vel Unanswered
Hi, My mother in law traveling from Hyderabad to Dallas on 17th August 2017. Looking for a travel companion. -Rakesh Unanswered
Hello, does anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area actually care about continuing classical indian music beyond tabla, harmonium and dance? I own an Esraj and a ravanhatta and I am shocked to see that we have not even one school for the range of classical musical instruments and that one must travel to Houston to get anywhere near a school like this. Even the Nepalis I know do not even play sarangi at home; this is a cultural tragedy. If anyone wants to help me turn this situation around, get in touch with me -Seraffa Unanswered
Hi. My mother is travelling from HOUSTON IAH to Hyderabad , India on August 16th (wednesday) ,2017. She doesnt understand english. Looking for someone who speaks telugu and could help her with travel. Please respond, it would be really greatful. -Supriya Unanswered
Hello, My Mother is travelling from Dallas to Hyderabad on 23rd july, 2017 (Qatar Airways). She has wheelchair assistance and she can't speak English and looking for travel companion who speaks telugu. Please contact me if you or anyone planning on this day. Poornima -Poornima Unanswered
Looking for accommodation at San antonio, Texas by Saturday(7/13/2017) -Amarendar Unanswered
I am a certified and licensed professional engineer with 12 years of experience in structures and foundation inspections. If you are unsure about your foundation and need it checked by an experienced and licensed engineer, please call Sandeep at 972-360-7013.Our customers receive superior foundation inspection, recommendations and a report at an affordable price, in a timely manner. -Sandeep Unanswered
Hi I need to know if there are any one who can cook vegetarian food and take bulk order for 20-25 people for a birthday function. I am in Atlanta Sandy Springs -Raghavendran Unanswered
Hi !.Is anyone travelling on September begining in any airways from chennai to dallas .My Mom is travelling and she needs a travel companion - nanda -Nanda Unanswered
Is anyone Or anyone's friend or family coming from India, please let me know. I have to get few thyroid medicines for my Month in law. OR Please suggest any option to buy some indian medicines in US -Animesh Kumar Unanswered
Looking for a service (home/family owned) to get home cooked food in/near Richardson. -Aksshita Unanswered
Hi, I am going to move to Minneapolis as I got a Job in Eagan , Please help me out and suggest a good apartment to live near minneapolis Eagan area.I am planning to move with my family. -Rahul Unanswered
Hello, i am looking for a room near hampton and portsmouth. Plz help in finding the room. -krishna Unanswered
I am living in old denton road carrollton TX. Looking for a carpool to Frisco,TX. Please do call/email me at 682 246 6336 -ACHALA KAPOOR Unanswered
Hi we are looking for a travel companion for my mother Form Dallas to Mumbai for June 2017, please let me know if any one is going . I did not book my tickets yet . -Jyoti Unanswered
Looking for someone to do light housekeeping jobs --making beds, meal prep,, running errands-- Need part time --10-15 hrs a week -Naseem jagani Unanswered
Looking for someone to do light housekeeping jobs --making beds, meal prep,, running errands-- Need part time --10-15 hrs a week -Naseem jagani Unanswered
How do I get weekly travelers from Austin to Dallas -Raja Unanswered
Is anyone offering carnatic/Indian music classes for kids in Irving/Las colinas area, preferably telugu teachers? -likhitha View Answer
HAVE ANYONE'S PROPERTY TAXES GONE UP? I tried www.propertytaxlock.com and it has been effective. Only $75 w coupon code FOX25. -AMOS OPAY Unanswered
Hi !.Are anyone travelling on June 11th in qatar airways to chennai from dallas. Departure time:1840.My Mom is travelling and she needs a travel companion -divya Unanswered
Hi Hi we are looking for a travel companion for my mother Form Charlotte to Hyderabad through Eithihad airlines. she has return ticket on June 20th through Eithihad, but we are flexible to change the dates if we get a travel copanion. Please let me know if any one travelling through Eithihad. -Sridhar Unanswered
Hi I am travelling by car from Dallas to Atlanta either on 03/18/2017 or 03/19/2017 . Please let me know if anyone would like to share the ride. Thank You. -Kishore Unanswered
Hi .. I need a room to share near Disney celebration place, Orlando. If anyone has idea or availability for female plz let me know. I'm good to stay as a paying guest . -Anu Unanswered
I am Looking for Travel companion for my Family & Kids, They are coming first time from Hyderabad to Boston, March 3rd week. Please let me know if any one traveling with Etihad or Emirates airlines. Thank you - Hari -hari Unanswered
Hi Everyone We are conducting a survey to understand the grocery needs of Indian consumer living in Metro-Atlanta. I would really appreciate if you could take some time out to fill out your response. it won't take more than 5 min. Also can you please share the survey with your friends and may be they can share in their friend circle. Thanks -Rajan Unanswered
Hi I am looking for Indian families living apartment communities in Richardson / Plano TX. Can anyone please suggest. Thanks -Ravi Unanswered
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