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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Apr 19  2015 - Sat, Apr  25  2015

Apart from keeping yourself busy socialising, this week you are likely to worry a lot about how to earn some extra income. You may, in fact, want to invest some money to get encouraging returns. Businessmen may be on the look out to expand your customer base and increase turnover and earnings. Ganesha assures you that the planets will support your efforts. With the Sun placed in the 2nd House from your Sign, you can expect more relatives visiting your place, which may also increase your family-related expenses. Work shall keep the professionals busy from Wednesday onwards. You may even have to put in extra working hours to meet some looming deadlines. Plus, with Saturn moving in a retrograde mode now, you may have to deal with your superiors getting upset over trivial things. Don?t let this affect your work, though, advises Ganesha.
The planetary configurations this week shall make you feel confident, which has to be a great news. Nonetheless, you would do well to guard against becoming over-confident. There also is a possibility that you may get agitated at the slightest of provocation. And, Saturn placed in the 8th House from your Sign may brew discontent and dissatisfaction further, Jupiter, the favourable planet for you, will not have a positive influence now. The present position of Jupiter, as the ruler of the 8th House, placed in the 4th House from your Sign - does not bode well for domestic matters. This could also aggravate old health issues. Be specially careful, if you have been suffering from a persistent health ailment. On the positive side, you shall manage to develop a better rapport with your friends, who will stand you in good stead, when you need their assistance.
With your investments falling short of the returns you may have been expecting, you may feel a bit depressed in the initial part of the week. From Wednesday onwards, though, you shall be back to your usual self, thinking positively about how to make up for the loss. By the weekend, thankfully, you should be able to recover or make up for most of your losses, or will manage to, at least, put things in perspective. This will relieve a lot of your stress, and you will enjoy with your family over the weekend. The planetary positions also suggest that travel is likely. With the Sun placed in the 12th House from your Sign to join Mars and Mercury, already positioned therein, businessmen and professionals may plan outstation trips. With two fiery planets, Sun and Mars, placed in the 12th House from your Sign, be warned that you are likely to get short-tempered. Ganesha advises you to stay cool under all situations!
The planetary configurations this week suggest that you shall be prone to easily losing your temper. But, Ganesha says that you must try to be polite, at least while communicating with your beloved and/ or your superiors at work. As it is, you may not be able to make much headway in your career matters, and if you spoil your rapport with seniors, you may make the matters worse. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you may take out some time to unwind and enjoy leisure activities. From Thursday onwards, your focus will be back on work. With retrograde Saturn placed in the 6th House (related to job) from your Sign, you may have a plenty of work at hand, maybe some hurdles and challenges too, but given the harsh yet dedicated task-master Saturn is, you shall sail through, provided you curb your laid back attitude and temperamental ways. Financial shortage may add to your woes, so be careful, and keep striving. At home, discuss and reveal your feelings candidly, as this will help you relax considerably, says Ganesha.
At the beginning of the week, the cosmos will favour you, especially if you have been consciously making efforts to achieve higher growth. For businessmen, Ganesha assures that this will be a good time for striking big deals and contracts. At work too, you shall be able to meet your targets effortlessly. Freelancers, too, will get lucrative assignments. At this time, you need to consolidate your financial position by making the most of the opportunities coming your way. Manufacturers should succeed in introducing a new product, while professionals are likely to enjoy a good rapport with their superiors. Since, overall things shall be going on smoothly, you might also start thinking in terms of investments in blue-chip securities or long-term bonds to secure your and your family s future. Go ahead, but read and consider carefully before you sign on the dotted line.
This week will see you focus on ways and means of making some extra money to bolster your reserves of savings. But, Ganesha cautions you against cutting corners, and rather continue with tried and tested, ethical means. With Venus placed in the 10th House from your Sign, this shall be a good time to plan and organise things. This holds true even for professionals engaged in a sedentary job. Businessmen should check inventory levels. You must also focus more on outstation customers to increase turnover. Those in the service industry will need to take feedback from existing customers to improve performance. Freelancers should be alert, or you may miss a good opportunity. Singles looking for a romantic relationship are unlikely to be in luck this week. Married couples will have a smooth ride, but nothing special or spectacular is likely to happen.
Though the planetary positions are not too favourable, you may be quite comfortable at your workplace as there won?t be any pressure to hurry things up. Relations with superiors will be cordial, putting you even more at ease. However, this week may not be so good for businessmen, as you are likely to miss an opportunity to strike a profitable deal. An increase in expenses related to family affairs shall leave you with little money to save. On top of it, you may have to lend money to a relative or friend, something which you may not be able to refuse, at the moment. Freelancers may have a difficult time finding a well-paying assignment. But singles may get lucky now, as their search for a love partner may be backed by the stars, and they may come across just the sort of person they may have dreamt of.
The starry configurations indicate that you shall be somewhat confused this week. You may, therefore, not be able to do real justice to your work. Pleasure-seeking activities are likely to lure you. Businessmen running their enterprise in partnership will also be confused about the right direction to follow as partners could be pulling in different directions now. This, in turn, could affect routine work and future growth prospects. You may feel like dissolving the partnership and going alone or look for other partners who will back your efforts fully. In matters related to finance, the positive influences of Jupiter will make you feel comfortable. However, Saturn placed in the 2nd House related to money matters, suggests that you may not be able to save any money this week.
Ganesha feels that the planetary configurations this week indicate that you may suffer some minor setbacks. Businessmen may not be too happy now because a huge chunk of goods supplied by you may be rejected or cancelled by the buyer, and you may suffer a heavy loss. Professionals may find it difficult to meet deadlines, and in a hurry to complete your assignments, the quality of your work may suffer. This is likely to annoy your boss who will then keep a constant watch on your performance. Freelancers too may have a tough time now, while those of you employed recently may have trouble getting adjusted to the new environment. On the financial front, your expenses are likely to shoot up and your budget may go haywire, so spend carefully.
If you have been suffering from ill-health of late, Ganesha predicts that this week s stars shall come to your rescue. You shall make a fast recovery, aided by happy planetary configurations. However, on the negative side, the stars do not augur too well for a certain personal or close to heart relationship/ friendship. You may be disappointed with someone dear to you, because of his/her behaviour, but this may also to do with your own past actions. Don t be quick to judge. Rather blame this turn of sides partly to the presence of two fiery planets in the 5th House from your Sign. Also, don?t lose your temper; and stay composed. Work-wise, businessmen will have a good time, during this period as they are likely to strike some lucrative deals around this time. On the financial front, your position shall be quite comfortable. Your future prospects look good, adds Ganesha.
This week you shall give more priority to your personal affairs, as you may be feeling guilty about having neglected your family of late. You will also try to resolve pending domestic issues. As the week progresses, the Sun will enter fixed earthly Sign Taurus in the 4th House from your Sign. This indicates that in spite of major differences, your spouse will support you and help find a solution to domestic crisis. For businessmen, Wednesday and Thursday seem good for striking profitable deals. Freelancers may also get some lucrative assignments, this week. On the health front, problems related to the respiratory system will need urgent attention. Also, the influence of Mars may lead to disturbances in the digestive system, which may be because of irregular meal timings.
During this week, you are likely to function like an out and out extrovert, and will not miss a single opportunity to socialise and connect with people. Despite this, you shall be able to squeeze out some time for managing your domestic affairs. But, your career will continue to make heavier demands on your time. Due to the influence of Saturn, you may have to work harder and put in more working hours to meet some looming deadlines. You may also have to shoulder more responsibility at work; your ability to handle it all will be tested, hints Ganesha. You will need to observe strict work discipline, and fortunately for you, the influence of Jupiter is likely to keep your growth prospects alive. Freelancers will also have to do some real hard work now, but businessmen may be a happy lot, as the efforts put in earlier may start bearing favourable results now.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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