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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, May 17  2015 - Sat, May  23  2015

The new Moon will now emerge in the 2nd House from your Sign. The 2nd House is primarily associated with Family and Finances. Hence, Ganesha predicts that life shall change for the better for you on the domestic and financial front. Besides, as Venus, the ruler of the 2nd House, is well positioned in the 4th House from your Sign, you can now expect to save more money. However, around mid-week, Mercury will turn retrograde, forcing you to revisit your strategies and communication plans. You may re-analyse business plans to attain higher targets. Further, the Sun will change Signs to enter dual airy Sign Gemini, in the 3rd House from your Sign, around the weekend. Consequently, sales and business persons shall benefit, particularly those who are going on a regular tour or travelling to new regions to widen their customer base. However, employed ones might be compelled by their seniors to quickly finish the tasks, by increasing efficiency. Anyway, rise in overall earnings is also indicated.
The new Moon emerging around the beginning of this week, and the exalted Moon rising in your Sign, shall be the harbinger of good news on the personal front. You may now develop a clear understanding about some matters that earlier seemed complicated. You shall also be inclined to remain optimistic, and will now try to think out of the box, about ways and means to attain growth in all areas of your life. Besides, you may now manage to overcome your dissatisfaction, rather concentrating on increasing your productivity, and providing quality output. However, as Mercury turns retrograde, you may still experience some minor difficulties in your life. Plus, Venus placement in the 3rd House from your Sign may not let you remain focussed in career matters. Do look at the brighter side of life, and take the problem as an opportunity to review your strategy about the future course of action, advises Ganesha. You shall be clever and balanced, managing your financial affairs with ease, if you stay confident.
The new Moon will now rise in its Sign of exaltation, Taurus, at the beginning of this week. As a result, you shall now develop an affirmative outlook. Plus, with Mercury turning retrograde, you shall feel life has slowed down, which is a good distraction, as it will allow you to spend quality time with your dear ones. You may also reconsider your decisions about some personal matters. Strong malefic influences of both Mars and Saturn over the 4th House from your Sign may induce you to finish some pending matters on the domestic front. Hence, repairing work at home shall now top your priority list. However, Ganesha advises you to watch your health, as your immunity may be low now. Some respiratory problems are also foreseen. Hence, take appropriate medicines and necessary precautions to avoid complications. Ganesha stresses on lifestyle improvement and inclusion of regular exercise in your routine. The Sun will enter your Sign, around mid-week. However, the impact of this planetary transit shall come to the fore in the coming week.
You can expect some significant changes, during this week, as the new Moon will now emerge on the skyline in its Sign of exaltation. Besides, the crafty Mercury will also turn retrograde. As a result, you shall think and act prudently regarding financial matters, and may also refrain from spending lavishly. However, the monetary benefits may take their own sweet time to come your way. Ganesha, thus, advises you to postpone making any decisions regarding money matters. Anyway, you may re-analyse your past investments. Further, around mid-week, the Sun will enter Gemini in the 12th House from your Sign. Expenses are indicated or you may withdraw some of your earlier investment to re-invest, in order to get better results. Averse to risks, you would now rather stash your funds in a bank fixed deposit, instead of opting for high risk schemes. Rise in domestic expenses may also keep you on your toes. Don t worry much, though, as your savings will help you settle everything comfortably.
Some significant changes in the planetary positions will occur, during this period. At beginning of this week, new Moon will rise on the skyline; it will now be exalted in the 10th House from your Sign. Thus, it shall actuate a novel beginning, regarding some issues on professional front. Further, developing a fresh viewpoint shall help you improve your productivity, helping you attain your targets. Moreover, you shall be keen to implement growth plans. Mercury will now turn retrograde in its own Sign Gemini--in the 11th House from your Sign. Hence, Ganesha advises you to avoid making any fresh investments or taking vital decisions regarding money matters, and family at this time. Yet, the time is just appropriate for re-analysing your past investments. Further, around mid-week, the Sun will enter Gemini and get posited in 11th House from your Sign. This shall make rest of the week quite opportune.
At the beginning of the week, a new Moon will start emerging in its Sign of exaltation. The Moon will be positioned in the 9th House, associated with Fortune, in exchange with Venus, keeping you cheerful and jovial, and this positive vibe shall simply be contagious. Anyway, this elation may hit a downward trend, around mid-week, as the Moon changes Signs to enter Gemini in the 10th House, in opposition to Saturn posited in the 4th House, from your Sign. This may create some hurdles, and thus, Ganesha advises you to stay on guard. When, later in the week, Mercury turns retrograde, you may notice things getting a bit heavier or slower. You may remain pretty engaged in career-related or other practical issues. You may either remain confused or may think of many new ideas. Ganesha warns you to be aware, as this is not a great time for implementing new ideas or test uncharted territories. Alternately, you need to mull over your past decisions regarding personal and career life, and revise your plans, as per the prevailing situation.
Moon rising in its Sign of exaltation at the beginning of the week shall help you jump-start many things. You will be more optimistic than you may have been lately, and this shall have a direct effect on your dealings with the people around you. Things shall seem better placed in career as well as personal domains. This is not to say that there won t be any glitches?just that you will be able to deal with them in a much sorted way. Seniors shall now appreciate your hard work, applauding you for your commitment. Around mid-week, however, Mercury turn retrograde in its own Sign Gemini. The negative influence of this transit may cause minor hardships and delay your progress. Anyway, this is the right time to reconsider your past decisions, and revise your plans to grow steadily. This will also be an appropriate period for traders to check their inventory and prepare purchase orders for the new requisitions Manufacturers shall also now get new ideas to expand their customer base and increase turnover.
The week shall be a witness to some vital change in the planetary configuration. The new Moon rises on the skyline, while Mercury turns retrograde in its own Sign, Gemini. In view of this starry alignment, business-persons should avoid signing any new contracts; and, also postpone new collaborations to increase their earnings. You must also refrain from taking critical decisions regarding financial matters. The Sun will enter Gemini, thus joining Mars and retrograde Mercury, around the weekend. You may plan to visit a holiday resort to rejuvenate and have fun with your family. Actually, this shall give you a highly desired break and freshen up your mind. However, you may still feel restless, for one reason or another, as the malefic Ketu is posited in the 6th House from your Sign. Thankfully, the positive influence of the beneficial Jupiter over the same House shall save you a great deal, assures Ganesha. Nonetheless, you must continue to work consistently--for better growth prospects.
If some important decisions or deals have been pending for some time, let them be for this week too, says Ganesha. Mercury turning retrograde mid-week indicates that this may really not be a suitable time for signing any contracts or making any vital decisions on the financial and professional front. On the positive side, the retrograde Mercury will give you a chance to reconsider your past decisions, and accordingly alter the plans to move ahead in your sphere of activity. Life may not be hunky-dory on the marital front, since your spouse might, seemingly, be giving less than due priority to your requirements. Yet, you should try and adopt a let-go approach to put the zing back in your relationship. The Sun will change Signs to enter Gemini in the 7th House from your Sign, around the weekend. This will increase attraction and energy in your intimate relationship, so do take advantage of this streak. However, you may lose your concentration at work, hampering your productivity, or may fall prey to seasonal illnesses. Take care!
The new Moon at the week s beginning shall be placed in opposition to the retrograde Saturn, in conjunction with Mars. Thus, there may be some opposition, strife or slow momentum. You may also face opposition from some people, who matter to you. Anyway, Mars will encourage you to remain honest and boldly face these problems. The staid influence of Saturn will also help you look inwards, maybe even at your shortcomings. You may also feel grim and puzzled, regarding the future course of action. However, the influence of Mars over your Sign will increase your self-confidence, helping you be assertive and open about your views. Just take care to stay within the limits, and do respect others perspective, and be receptive to their ideas. Mercury, the ruler of the 9th House from your Sign (associated with Luck and Fortune), will turn retrograde, around mid-week. Subsequently, you might experience some hindrances, which may delay your growth, affecting your aspirations adversely. Yet, if you work persistently, you shall be able to easily ride the storm.
The new Moon welcomes you early, this week. The Moon will now be posited in opposition to Saturn in conjunction with Mercury and combust Mars. Hence, you may, once more, face some difficulties. However, the presence of Mercury will assist you to remain composed, and shall also enable you to think prudently for achieving growth in your area of activity. Besides, you may experience some small obstacles in the coming days, as Mercury too is set to turn retrograde. You shall, thus, be left pondering over some of your past decisions. You should make good use of this period to revise your plans and start afresh on to the path of progress. Ganesha also says that employed ones must consider this as a nice chance to improve their working style and attitude. Relations with superiors at your workplace shall now be harmonious, while colleagues too shall continue to be amiable and cooperative. Business-persons, though, may need to alter their existing tactics to increase profits.
The new Moon posited in its Sign of exaltation, Taurus, will greet you, as the week begins. As a result, you shall be inclined to think positively and act upon your strategy, which shall lead to all over benefits. Although, the picture may seem rosy, the truth is that the benefits that accrue finally may not match your initial expectations. Make better use of this time by re-analysing your past decisions, and accordingly revise your plans to move ahead on the path of progress. In fact, you shall also prepare a fresh strategy to achieve some pre-set objectives. You may now renovate your residence to make your domestic life more comfortable. Happily, romance shall also be in the air, as Venus is posited in a Sign ruled by Moon. This period will be specially opportune for singles seeking a love partner. However, married ones will need to be careful, as the possibility of a major disagreement cannot be ruled out, warns Ganesha.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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