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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Jul 20  2014 - Sat, Jul  26  2014

Provided you work hard and take initiatives, you shall flourish this week, regardless of whether you are a professional or a businessman. Ganesha predicts that the stars indicate that the ones who will benefit most are students, and especially those of you who are involved in higher education. Family life will be hunky dory, but it may become a bit hectic, as some close relatives are expected to come over for a short stay. Matters related to inheritance may drag on and on without reaching any decisive conclusion this week. This is a good phase even for those of you who are of a religious bent of mind. You may get so interested in spirituality that you may feel like becoming a pupil of a spiritual master. Make detailed plans for the future of your children.
Ganesha predicts that this week you may have to face some negatives, but the way you react to them will be important. Flow with the tide but be sincere with the work you do, put your heart and soul into it, and nobody will be able to harm you or your work. On the personal front, you will have to be a little more amiable to strengthen your relationships with your near and dear ones, as well as your friends and colleagues. Be careful that you don t compromise your own interests while trying to please someone, though. Ganesha says this week is favourable for those people who are planning to buy an new house or a vehicle. Travel, both for personal and official purposes, is on the cards. The trips are going to be mostly successful. To gain peace of mind, try to learn how to meditate.
The stars are going to favour your communication skills this week, foretells Ganesha. This factor will greatly help you in the conduct of your tasks, as in if you need the help of a co-worker, you will be easily able to persuade him/her to help you out. On the financial front, you may expect to receive some good news, such as an impending increment. Money may even flow in from some unexpected source, raising your spirits, and you may decide to splurge on the material desires of your near and dear ones. However, Ganesha advises you to set aside a substantial portion of your unexpected income for long-term investments. On the personal front, this is an auspicious time to try and bridge the rifts that may have developed in your relationships.
Ganesha foretells a very auspicious week ahead for you, and you will experience positive events on almost all fronts. In fact, you shall spread laughter and joy everywhere you go. Work will flow smoothly, slightly better than average, but nothing exceptional. However, you will get ample opportunities to flaunt your creativity, both in your personal and professional life. You shall be more than happy to help out friends who may be in a tight fix, and thus your social status will grow. People around you will start looking up to you for advice and guidance. If you have been planning about arranging some social get-together, you may go ahead now. On the romantic front, too, you will come up with innovative ideas, which will make your sweetheart very happy.
The planetary positions in your chart this week indicate that the chances of your achieving success are very good. You are likely to make rapid progress in your company, and are very likely to reach the level of the upper management. Those of you who are already in high positions, may expect to taste even more success, assures Ganesha. And for those of you who may not be too pleased with your positions in your organisation, are likely to get some very lucrative job offer from a rival company. However, things will not all be rosy ? you may be dogged by niggling health problems, and if you don t address them now, they may aggravate and later it may become very difficult to control them. If you are in a relationship, the time is right to make it official.
This week is going to be all about money, predicts Ganesha, and deservedly so, as you have worked hard for it. Yes, your labours of recent times will be amply rewarded in monetary terms now. You may also thank your stars, for they are aligned in such a way so as to bring you luck in financial matters. Although the money will flow in from myriad sources, you will have to keep a strict check on its outflow. Your tendency will be to become extravagant, and blow up all your earnings in buying unnecessary objects of luxury. Ganesha advises you to save some amount of it for the rainy day, and invest it wisely in long-term securities. Things on the domestic front will be hunky dory, although you are unlikely to succeed if you are trying to start a family.
Ganesha predicts that this week you may undertake activities aimed to expand the scope of your business as the stars are in its favour. However, before you embark on a new project, make sure you have done enough market research, so that your efforts don t backfire. Even professionals will have a great time, showcasing your skills, both for the benefit of your company as well as to impress the top management so that you may be elevated in the hierarchy or at least be given a decent increment. People in your circle, both in your workplace as well as in your personal life, shall be extremely supportive. If you have a creative streak, you may unleash it this week. Take good care of your health, and try to do some meditation to improve your powers of concentration.
The planetary configurations this week suggest that you shall witness some very positive developments in your profession or business, predicts Ganesha. Professionals may expect some extremely tough tasks to be completed successfully. You will get some respite from a hectic schedule, but use it well to plan out your future activities. Work atmosphere shall remarkably improve and you will start getting on to the same page as your colleagues, as you learn the advantages of letting go minor egoistic differences. Businessmen will get a good chance to expand operations. If you have been planning to branch out in new territories, or even in foreign lands, you may take the plunge now. Your family may resent the fact that you are too focused on work, but promise them that you will make up for it later.
Ganesha foretells that the cosmos is aligned in such a manner that it is favourable to you, not in the sense that you will make rapid progress, but in the sense that all your tasks that had been stalled for some reason or the other, or had slowed down, will now get completed, much to your relief. Your social status is bound to get a boost this week, and so will your financial situation. However, Ganesha advises you to take care not to blow up all your monetary resources on unnecessary objects of desire. If possible, try to save or invest it so that it can secure your future. This week, you may develop a leaning for spirituality and meditation, both of which will benefit you in all spheres of your life by helping you improve your concentration levels.
After some turbulent times, this week you will feel rather quiet and peaceful, predicts Ganesha. And, you shall be back in your positive mood. You will work at your own leisurely pace, but with extreme precision. Perfectionism will be your mantra, but Ganesha advises you not to expect the same standards from your subordinates or others, because not everyone is cut out the same way. A new job offer may come your way, but weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking a decision. Consider things such as work profile, work atmosphere, and of course, the pay structure. Domestic life will be hunky dory. Even for singles, looking to forge relationship, the stars are in your favour. You must, of course, make sure that your natures are compatible.
Although your life may have taken a positive turn at your workplace, things will still be tricky, so Ganesha warns you to take care. Your work will be carefully monitored, so continue to work sincerely and with dedication. And, be prepared for eventualities, no matter how hard you work, your superiors may not acknowledge it. You would be better off accepting the fact that you will not be rewarded in the immediate future, and yet Ganesha assures you that your efforts will not go in vain, and that sooner or later your rewards will come. On other fronts, you need to take stock of your attitude, and become softer in your approach to your relationships with your near and dear ones. If single, you may look forward to a dash of romance this week.
The stars indicate that this week you need to try and improve your social image, as well as change your perception about your circumstances and people around you. You may be harbouring an unreal picture in your mind; you need to get rid of it and come down to earth. You may not be able to do so all by yourself, even if you meditate deeply, so seek the guidance of elderly members of your family. You are perfectly aware of your innate strengths and weaknesses, so basically what needs to be changed is your habit of taking to flights of fancy. On the relationship front, Ganesha advises you to be decisive, and instead of being stuck in a non-responsive relationship, try to move on, but only after trying your best to revive the spark.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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