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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Aug 30  2015 - Sat, Sep  05  2015

Issues related to personal life and relationships are likely to be your focus this week, foretells Ganesha. Friends may miss you at places where you tend to hang out and exchange views. Life partner may also complain about not spending quality time together. This is because pressing matters related to career are likely to keep you busy. Unexpected expenses related to family may force you to borrow money on Wednesday and Thursday. You may have to go on a short trip for official work. Businessmen may need to work hard to attract new customers. If you suffer from irregular blood pressure, you need to be extra careful this week. This becomes necessary as Mars and Saturn are aspecting each other. Also be alert about disorders of the digestive system. Love birds who have not yet forged a proper relationship, may feel like rethinking the matter. Some serious misunderstanding could sour the relationship.
Managing money for unexpected expenses is likely to keep you busy initially this week. Monday blues are likely to affect your focus. However, from Wednesday, you are likely to come out of depression and feel refreshed, foretells Ganesha. Your concentration and performance will improve. Businessmen are likely to focus on expanding customer base by venturing into new territory. They are likely to get favourable response and have cause for cheer. In money matters, you may remain hard pressed and not be able to save. On the health front, you may fall prey to adverse seasonal ailments. Old health issues may crop up again and need prompt attention. If the problem becomes chronic, opt for some alternative type of medication. Singles looking for a companion to enjoy romance are likely to be disappointed with no positive response from the special someone. This can be attributed to Venus moving in retrograde mode.
Planetary alliances seem favourable to make progress in your pursuit. If you are a businessmen, you will get good support from your social circle. This is likely to act as a morale booster for you. In job, you may have to struggle to consolidate your position. However, with your boss being satisfied with your performance, there is no cause for worry, says Ganesha. Earnings from investments made earlier, are likely to be encouraging. You may be worried about progress of kids. Life partner is likely to be co-operative and responsive. Therefore, your marital life will be pleasant and enjoyable. However, for love birds, some kind of misunderstanding is likely to sour your relationship. This can be attributed to the planet of love, Venus moving in retrograde mode. Mars and Saturn aspect each other s position. This may lead to old health issues relapsing. Consult your physician promptly. If you have blood pressure disorders, be very careful.
Ganesha predicts that this week Lady Luck may not favour you. This seems to be on account of the ruler of the 9th House, Jupiter being combust. You may need to work harder to achieve desired results. The south node posited in the 10th House is likely to add to your difficulties. Businessmen and professionals both are likely to be affected by this. It may become difficult to fulfill the demands of customers in time, which may even lead to the termination of contracts. For well-settled professionals, things will be only slightly better. Seasonal changes may adversely affect your health. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so take appropriate measures. With Jupiter as a ruler of the 6th House related to ailments, old health issues may also relapse. If you have been suffering from arthritis or pain in joints, attend to it immediately. Opting for alternative medication is likely to help your cause.
Finance and family related issues are likely to be in focus this week. With two major planets, Jupiter and Sun posited in the 2nd House, expect more guests at home. Entertaining them will entail extra expenses. Besides, you also need to increase your monthly provisions for your family. Investment made earlier are likely to fetch encouraging returns. Happily, this will offset the increase in expenses. In job, the influence of Saturn over the 6th House related to employment, means you may have to work harder and for longer hours to handle the heavy workload heaped on you. This will call for a lot of self-discipline. Fresh graduates stand a good chance to land a decent job. Retrograde Venus, posited in Leo, does not seem to favour romance, so if you are hunting for that someone special , have patience. Venus posited in Leo becomes less expressive anyways. So bide your time till Venus is more favourably posited.
You will enjoy a good rapport with your spouse. In routine day-to-day work, though, you may face hurdles. At office, you may need to work longer hours to complete your work. However, you may be dissatisfied with the present working condition and environment at your workplace in general, and may have a strong urge for change. Friday-Saturday seems a good time to start applying for a new job. Businessmen may need to bargain hard to clinch a big deal. Ganesha advises you to offer a cash discount to get payment faster. Some discontent in the family may cause you stress. Health will be fine. However, remain watchful about adverse seasonal effects. Those of you looking for romance are likely to be disappointed due to a lack of response from your beloved. If you are in the initial stages of a relationship, there are chances of a break-up due to misunderstandings. Have patient and give space to your loved one, do not be too possessive.
This week professionals may be asked to shoulder extra responsibility, foresees Ganesha. Though it will be challenging, this is likely to prove stressful for you. You may face hurdles in routine official activities. Postponing things may not be possible, and it will become increasingly difficult for you to perform optimally. However, your boss is likely to come to your rescue, by helping you to complete your tasks. Peers are likely to mind their own business. If you take things positively, you stand to learn a lot by taking on extra responsibility. Tuesday and Wednesday are not too good for businessmen. If you are in the service industry, you will have a tough time satisfying customers. You may have to motivate your staff to take better care of clients. Professionals handling offshore projects may also have a difficult time around Tuesday and Wednesday. On the personal front, you may not get along too well with your spouse on these days.
The Moon is posited in the dual-natured, watery Sign Pisces in the 5th House. The Moon is influenced by fiery Mars, posited in the 10th House and the wise Jupiter, posited in the 11th House. Mars is likely to make you feel agitated; while the influence of Jupiter is likely to help you stay cool. Jupiter will positively impact children in studies. You may be prone to adverse seasonal effects on Tuesday and Wednesday. Be alert and if you see any symptoms of illness, promptly visit your doctor. Better still, follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent any illness. You may get embroiled in arguments with your spouse this week, foretells Ganesha. Avoid altercations, especially on Thursday and Friday. Do not let emotions run high and maintain your composure. Natives of your Sign are by nature possessive and overtly sensitive in intimate relationships. Here, the judicious Jupiter will help you in keeping circumstances in control. You may then get busy with your professional work.
In the initial stages of the week you are likely to be concerned about the academic progress of your children, says Ganesha. Some health issue could be impeding them from concentrating on studies, so get them medically checked up and treated promptly. Professionals are likely to be stressed out due to the heavy workload on Wednesday and Thursday. Over the weekend, you are likely to enjoy some quality time with your life partner. Businessmen are likely to have a tough time throughout the week. You may need to do some hard bargaining, repeatedly, to clinch a big deal. If you are dealing with some offshore projects, there may be some misunderstanding with the client around Wednesday-Thursday. The issue is likely to get resolved around the weekend. You are likely to feel comfortable with your position on the financial front. Love birds who are not yet in a committed relationship may feel like reviewing the situation owing to some serious differences.
Ganesha foresees that this week certain domestic matters will call for your urgent attention. However, this may irritate you as you have to attend to some pressing career matters as well. One of the main things on your agenda will be increasing savings and investing them profitably. You may feel hurt by the unbecoming conduct of someone close to you on Wednesday or Thursday. Professionals may experience some constraints around the weekend which may not allow you to perform efficiently. In marital life, you may be unhappy with a lack of co-operation from your spouse. Health may cause concern around the weekend, especially the health of an elderly member of your family, who may have to be hospitalised for a couple of days. It may take some time before he/she starts responding to medication. You may incur some heavy expenses on this account. Overall, the week holds more negatives than positives for you.
The fight between Mars posited in the 7th House and Saturn posited in the 10th House is likely to adversely affect harmony in marital life, says Ganesha. Some strong differences over setting priorities in Household matters are likely to emerge. You and your partner may both become adamant, and you may feel like breaking off to gain peace of mind. You may have a tough time in managing career-related issues as well. You may not be able to concentrate consistently on the task on hand. Your overall efficiency is likely to reduce. Ganesha feels that you need to stop reacting and develop some patience. You may prefer to fall back on your basic trait of becoming detached. Ganesha advises you to take personal decisions very judiciously after weighing all the pros and cons. Conserve your energy, and take out time for recreation with your family. You need to plan a short vacation with your near and dear ones over the weekend.
Smothering the discontent in your family and strengthening finances are likely to be your main areas of concern this week. Ganesha advises you to increase provisions for your family, which is likely to make them feel contended. The ruler of the 2nd House Mars is posited in the 6th House along with retrograde Venus. This indicates that you may have to work hard to get your money which may be stuck somewhere for some reason or the other. Professionals are likely to be hit hard by this effect of planetary alliances. Besides, the influence of Mars and the retrograde Venus over the 12th House (related to expenses) from your Sign, is likely to lead to an increase in the domestic expenditure. Health of an elder member of your family may need immediate attention, this week. Take care! The retrograde Venus may create misunderstandings for the love birds, who are not yet in a committed relationship. If you are looking for romance, this week you may be disappointed by the lack of response from your sweetheart.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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