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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Mar 01  2015 - Sat, Mar  07  2015

You shall be in a very optimistic mood as the week kicks off. But Ganesha indicates that ground realities may be different. So brace up to face the glaring truths. The euphoria you may have experienced at the start of the week shall diffuse, leaving you aware of the limitations and roadblocks in your way to success. You may now feel low and confused about which direction to follow. With the fiery Mars placed in your Sign, however, you shall remain motivated to work hard, till the desired results are achieved. You shall accept new challenges and take initiatives to work your way around seemingly difficult matters. On the financial front, the planetary configurations suggest though there may be big expenses, you shall manage your budget quite well.
The planets indicate that this week you may have to face a minor setback in business. But Ganesha says you must utilize this time to locate the cracks in your armoury, make amends and start afresh. Revisit your strategy and plug holes for better performance. For professionals, performance at workplace will be below expectations. You will have to remain focused to avoid any major slip ups. Check important papers twice before submitting your task. Those into the customer care industry are also likely to have a hard time trying to pacify dissatisfied customers, while those in the service industry may have difficulty in fixing things properly. Duplication of work can be agonizing at times. On the financial front, there may be some unexpected expenses which may derail your plans to increase your savings.
This week, Ganesha predicts that you shall have a gala time socialising and partying. But you shall not ignore your work, and will continue to perform sincerely, balancing both fronts remarkably. Your routine work will flow smoothly without any obstructions coming in your way. Businessmen may benefit from short-term travel, especially if the trip is planned on Monday and Tuesday. The middle of the week is a good time to strike profitable deals with local customers. Professionals shall also bag appreciation from their bosses for their committed efforts. However, you should remain focused and avoid any slip-ups on Wednesday and Thursday. The week shall be favourable for singles looking for romance. However, things may not be too hunky dory for married couples.
Your domestic expenses are likely to increase owing to the fact that your focus will shift from work to home, and you may want to provide more comforts to your near and dear ones. At your workplace, a lack of focus may lead to slip-ups, which may make your superiors angry. Conversely, if you are in a supervisory position, you may find it difficult to motivate your subordinates to put up an improved performance. This unfriendly environment at work shall compel you to look for a better job option. Anyway, tempers may cool down with the full Moon emerging around the weekend. You need to plan a short vacation, feels Ganesha. This shall definitely have a refreshing effect on your mind, which shall also reflect in your approach towards work.
All the introspection that you have done recently would have given you a lot of clarity and thus you shall now proceed in all walks of life with a lot more self-confidence. Matters related to personal life and streamlining day-to-day work shall be your key areas of focus, foresees Ganesha. You may also be keen to make more money to strengthen your financial position, and you may get an opportunity to multiply your income this week. You shall also indulge in pleasure-seeking activities to keep yourself entertained. Ensuing planetary movements seem favourable, and could bring you better opportunities. Be alert and accept challenges, as and when they come, to establish your credentials. Businessmen can go ahead and implement your plans for expanding your operations.
The stars portend that managing routine work this week may be difficult for you. But you shall be in a generous mood, and some extra money coming your way this week will help you donate for charity causes. Later, as the full Moon nears, you may get emotionally worked up but since the Moon will be placed in your Sign, you will accept ground reality and divert your attention to other relevant issues. For businessmen, things will move satisfactorily, but you will have to keep an eye on your staff. You should be able to strike lucrative deals around the middle of the week. The planetary positions will help professionals to perform efficiently. But in spite of this, your relation with the higher-ups may not be comforting. Ganesha says you must remain polite while interacting with them.
Relationship matters shall dominate this week, and some of them may be far from positive. An argument you might have had with a family member, could leave him/her miffed, and a certain coldness between the two of you could develop. At your workplace, peers shall not be able to find fault with your work. Later, as a full Moon nears, emotions will run high. However, with the full Moon placed in the earthy Virgo, you will not get worked up over minor issues. The relationship with your spouse may continue to remain uncomfortable, and this could make you very worried, especially around Thursday and Friday. To escape unnecessary emotional stress, you are quite likely to take recourse to tactics such as working till late hours.
Ganesha feels that this could be a very tough week for you, but if you stay stable and do your tasks with a cool mind, you will come out with flying colours. You will then be able to establish your credentials as a resourceful professional. This will also make your case strong when you demand an increment. On the home front, you may face certain awkward situations. A dear one could be making irrational demands which may be hard to meet. But with the full Moon emerging around Thursday and getting placed in the 11th House of gains, you can expect better times in the future. Businessmen are also likely to close a prestigious deal successfully. Profit margins will be more than satisfactory and you will be comfortable financially. But this may mean that your personal expenses could rise and dent your saving plan.
Your future prospects are likely to make you feel nervous because you may be apprehending too much uncertainty, foretells Ganesha. You could get worked up over your inability to make significant progress in your profession. However, you shall come out of this negative feeling later this week. You shall then start looking at the positives and be optimistic as usual. Businessmen and freelancers may come across a good opportunity around Tuesday and Wednesday. However, you shall have to be quick in your response to benefit from this opportunity. Grab it with both hands, and work over it religiously with complete dedication. A lot will depend on how enthusiastically your avail of this chance and how efficiently you do the needful to complete the project.
In the early stages of the week, you are likely to face some financial stress, foresees Ganesha. Even on the domestic front, your relationship with your spouse may not exactly be hunky dory. With some extra money coming your way around Tuesday and Wednesday, though, there shall be some respite. The full Moon will emerge in Virgo in the ninth House from your Sign, making you experience some very strong but contradictory feelings. To add to your desperation, full Moon will be influenced by retrograde Saturn placed in 12th House from your Sign. You shall be very disturbed emotionally because of some not-so-good developments in personal and professional life. If you are not alert and careful enough, these negative situations can also affect your health, so stay cool no matter what happens.
With disagreements between you and your spouse coming to the fore, this week is likely to begin on a sour note, foresees Ganesha. And, things may take a turn for worse now, especially if both of you continue to be inflexible. However, the presence and mediation of mature family members may help both of you get back on track, despite the fact that the discontent towards each other may continue to brew inside. You may feel that nothing is going right. Have patience, as the stars will soon take a turn for the better. Try to turn your mind to work and career matters, which anyway shall be quite a handful now. Doing yoga or meditation can help you in remaining stable under all situations.
Ganesha advises you to be very careful about your health and attend to even a minor illness with promptness this week. This applies even more to those of you suffering from persistent health problems. Also, complaints related to the digestive system should be attended immediately and if it persists, opting for alternative medicinal treatment should be experimented with. Mercury, the ruler of the 7th House related to business partner and also life partner, will be in Aquarius placed in the 12th House from your Sign. This may lead to your spouse becoming irritable with you for not spending quality time together. At the same time, the positive influence of Jupiter may make you feel secured. Despite domestic expenses shooting up, you shall be comfortable on the financial front.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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