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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Apr 26  2015 - Sat, May  02  2015

You shall be in an optimistic and enthusiastic mood at the beginning of the week, owing to the fact that the Moon and Jupiter shall be in conjunction now, which is a happy union. You will have fresh ideas to achieve higher growth which will be your driving force now. Unlike your peers, you will adopt practical ways to achieve targets and meet scheduled deadlines. And, it is this positive approach and dedication you show that will impress your boss. Over the weekend, you may experience some unhappy moments in marital life, but it will not affect you much because you will have experienced similar situations even in the past. But on the positive side, there is a good possibility that you may earn some extra money now in form of returns from investments made earlier or a salary hike. Business-people look set to enjoy a profitable week, sums Ganesha.
Both personal and professional problems may cause concern this week. Businessmen may find it difficult to push forward expansion plans. Even if you do manage to take some actions, you may face roadblocks and remain dissatisfied with the little progress you make now, feels Ganesha. This is because Saturn placed in the 8th House, in retrograde mode, shall work as a deterrent for progress. But fortunately, you won?t be off the track and this should keep you motivated. Professionals may have to work extra hours to achieve the desired results and despite this, your boss may not be too impressed with your efforts. On the financial front, the influence of retrograde Saturn over the 2nd House may lead to some unexpected expenses. All in all, it is going to be an average week for you.
A new relationship may develop this week, perhaps on an outstation tour, which is likely to enhance your interest in the future. Those having business in partnership will have a hard time convincing all partners on a particular matter. But thanks to the positive influences of Jupiter, the differences will be mended soon enough. You shall enjoy a great equation with your spouse and you will share your work burden equally. The influence of Saturn over the 4th House related to domestic matters is likely to keep you on your toes. On the health front, problems experienced earlier may continue to bother you even now. If you are single and looking for a suitable partner, get your priorities right about the type of person you need, as this will help you.
This week you shall enjoy some quality time with your family. Your financial situation will also be good, and you may start looking for suitable avenues to invest your surplus funds. Moreover, the positive influence of Jupiter over the House related to job/employment and the 10th House connected with business will help you achieve progress. But, success won?t come easy. In fact, you will have to work really hard, because the retrograde Saturn is now placed in the 6th House from your Sign, and it will continue to test your efficiency ? by slowing things or posing hurdles. Besides, progress in business may not match your expectations, because of the presence of Ketu, which will act as a deterrent. You will have to be patient, till the circumstances take a positive turn, allowing you to implement your ambitious plans.
Some negativity in the beginning of the week could make you feel generally low. Mars, placed in the 10th House, will aspect your Sign. This may work well in making you feel important and helping you conduct yourself confidently. But as a negative effect, you could become hot-headed and overtly reactive. You may also have a hard time looking at the situation in the right perspective and taking criticism in your stride. At work, this kind of attitude could strain your relations with your boss and also hurt your future growth prospects. Businessmen, too, are bound to suffer on account of this negativity, but Ganesha assures you that it will have practically no effect on your financial prospects for the week. Try meditating to channelise your thoughts positively.
The cosmos will motivate you to undertake some charity work this week. You may be keen to pamper your spouse by buying him/her an expensive gift. From Tuesday onward, you may start focusing on your career. Professionals will be able to perform effectively and finish assignments well before the schedule deadline. This is likely to please your superiors and earn you a good reputation at your workplace. Businessmen will feel satisfied with the results of efforts put in earlier. In matters related to family, you may be puzzled about how to keep your near and dear ones happy and contended as you may have a hard time fulfilling the demands of the children. On the monetary front, you are likely to feel a little tightness; do not spend money indiscriminately, hints Ganesha.
This week you are likely to spend some quality time with your friends, as you may be feeling guilty of neglecting them of late. You may now strive to make amends and seek the time to sort out differences and get your ties back on track. At workplace, peers may not be very cooperative, while you may face a similar treatment at home, too, from your spouse. This will make you depressed around Tuesday and Wednesday. But come Thursday, and you will be back to being your usual self, to the extent that you may even tend to become assertive while expressing your views. But take care not to make any statement that is uncalled for. A sudden spurt in expenses could leave a dent in your reserves of savings.
This week the influence of Mars over the 10th House is likely to keep you busy with work, but will also present opportunities for improvement. Ganesha says the present planetary alliances are not supportive for a major change. So, it would be best if you stick to your present job and work with full dedication. You could also be entrusted with some important task to handle, but you will have to accept new challenges to prove your worth. It is only then that you will emerge as a resourceful professional. Businessmen are likely to have a busy schedule as you may be planning to add more products to your portfolio. On the health front, disturbed digestive system may force you to remain absent from work on one of the days. Try meditation or yoga to improve your health.
You are likely to feel very optimistic this week, predicts Ganesha, and will feel so self-confident as a consequence that you shall perform with great efficiency and easily meet your deadlines. Businessmen should be able to find a way to cope with the loss caused by rejected goods and make suitable changes to please clients. In short, things will start falling into place for you this week. This will also help improve your financial position and make you more comfortable while dealing with monetary transactions. But this positivity may not reflect in personal relationships. There may not be much to cheer about on the domestic front. However, you will decide to settle matters internally, and shall choose to project the image of a happily married couple in social circles.
The cosmic configurations this week are unlikely to support you on the domestic front, where you may be facing some ill-feeling from your near and dear ones. However, on your part, you will surely make efforts to make your marital or personal life more pleasant and enjoyable. Thankfully, with Venus and Mercury in exchange with each other, you will be able to perform efficiently at your workplace. This, despite the fact that your relation with your boss or certain subordinate will remain strained, and you may feel uncomfortable, even while conversing with him/her. Business-people are likely to continue enjoying a favourable period with more valuable customers showing interest in their services or products. However, not all of your customers will be prompt in their payments, which may cause some anxiety.
Inability to meet the expectations of your superiors at your workplace is likely to keep you low, this week, predicts Ganesha. The odds you face now will be because of Saturn influencing the Moon placed in the 8th House from your Sign. Business-persons, who will also be affected by this planetary alliance, may feel depressed because of a dip in sales around these days. And, this is bound to have an adverse impact on your liquidity levels. But, Ganesha warns you against taking too much stress, as this could have a negative affect on your health. This may also be a disappointing time for love-birds. Singles craving for the company of the opposite sex may not get the right opportunity to express their feelings. Even if you are already in a relationship, it is unlikely that you will be able to spend quality time with your beloved.
Negative feelings and emotions may take a toll on you this week, but the good thing is that the benevolent influences of Jupiter will come to your rescue soon, helping you overcome all hurdles in your way. Matters related to your personal life and career may keep you preoccupied mentally, and at times, even physically. At work, you may remain stressed, due to excessive workload. But, rest assured as it is very likely that your superiors will back your efforts, motivating you in subtle ways. Relax, and try looking at positives, as this will help you tone down a lot of your problems, hints Ganesha. In marital life, the cold attitude of your spouse may hurt you; don t let it affect your work, though. As for the monetary matters, with the malefic Ketu connected with the 2nd House (related to the finances) from your Sign, you may not be able to save much this week. Business-people may also see their dues getting stuck up, and may even have to write off some debts.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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