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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Oct 04  2015 - Sat, Oct  10  2015

With Ketu present in your Sign, issues in marital life are likely to bother you this week. The behaviour or reaction of your partner has hurt you immensely and hence even though your partner may show all the willingness in the world to reconcile, you may not be able to respond. On the other hand, with Moon in its own Sign, Cancer in the 4th House, you may be in a mood to deck up your home. Venus transition from Leo to Virgo is also likely to improve your financial position. At the job front, you may be compelled by your boss to hurry up and complete certain tasks. However, you need to handle the situation diplomatically to avoid confrontation, says Ganesha. As the week comes to an end, things shall start falling into place. Do not, in any circumstances, avoid you regular check-up if you are a diabetic. Also, there is a possibility of injury to the lower part of your body, beware.
The week begins on a good note for businessmen and those in a sales job. You can plan a short term travel around this time to add a few more names to your list of customers. But all this excitement may leave you exhausted and you may decide to relax and enjoy time with family at around mid-week. Giving a new look to your living room may also be on your mind, as Moon is in conjunction with Venus in the 4th House (of home and related matters) from your Sign. On Friday, Venus moves into Virgo and then joins Jupiter and Mars in the 5th House from your Sign, adds Ganesha. The debilitated Venus may not back your search for a soul-mate, if you are single, but the conjunction of Mars and Venus surely promises a good time for married individuals. This conjunction also hints at a high level of adaptability and efficiency at the work front. On Saturday, Mercury turns direct, heralding a good time to implement your business plans.
The stars, at the beginning of the week, are all set to put a big smile on your face. Money, coming from all quarters, is likely to be the reason for this. In a very jolly mood, you are also likely to plan a pleasure trip with friends or loved ones around mid-week. It s a break you deserve, says Ganesha because once you return you are going to be busy attending to domestic matters. You may wish to replace some old furniture with new or rearrange the old stuff to give the house a new look. Moreover, on Friday, Venus moves from Leo to Virgo to get stationed in the 4th House from your Sign. This change may arouse the desire to add more comforts to your home. At the same time, under the influence of Jupiter and Mars, you are likely to remain focused on career related matters. But you shall maintain a perfect balance between personal and professional life. Businessmen can risk to explore a new territory.
As the Moon nears Venus in the 2nd House of family, at the beginning of the week, you are likely to long for a wonderful time with friends and family. But you will soon get back to work and plan a short business trip around mid-week. The stars are in your favour and your trip will prove to be fruitful. You may also develop a solid relationship with a business tycoon who may, in future, help you take your business to the next level. On weekend, Venus enters Virgo after a long stay in Leo and gets placed in the 3rd House from your Sign. Ganesha advises you to avoid acquaintances, meeting whom is generally a waste of time. Instead, your focus should now be on your career growth, as Mercury turns direct in motion on Saturday and boosts your chances of success at this front. This can also be a good time to Sign important contracts.
The Lions are spendthrifts when it comes to pampering and entertaining themselves and also those close to them. It is because of this characteristic of yours that you may burn a hole in your pocket at the very beginning of the week. Spend wisely, warns Ganesha. Thankfully, around mid-week, work is likely to keep you busy owing to the position of Moon, which is nearing Venus, the ruler of the 10th House of karma. On Friday, Venus shall transit from Leo to Virgo. Debilitated Venus may make you sound skeptic and arrogant while expressing your views. So, think twice before you say anything. However, presence of Venus in the 2nd House spells well for money matters. As Mercury turns direct in motion at the end of the week, you may leap into action. It s the right time to implement plans as progressive forces are likely to work effectively, this time around.
Venus, the Lord of the 9th House of fortune, is in the 12th House at the beginning of the week. This starry alignment may tempt you to make quick bucks. You may, thus, be lured by easy alternatives like speculation. Venus, besides being the Lord of the 9th House from your Sign, is also the Lord of the 2nd House of money matters. Sun, the Lord of the 12th House is currently in its debilitated Sign, Libra in the 2nd House. In other words, Sun and Venus are in exchange with each other, explains Ganesha. Hence, there are chances that you may land in the soup if you choose an incorrect path to become rich. Your focus should now be on what you have in hand. And the combination of Venus, Jupiter and Mars shall help you in this regard. With Saturn s presence in the 4th House, you are likely to clearly see facts, your strengths and weaknesses. Saturday seems to be a good time to put your plans into action.
Career related activities are likely to keep you on the go at the beginning of the week. But as Moon nears Venus, around mid-week, you might lose your focus owing to several distractions laid down for you by the cosmos. On Friday, Venus enters its debilitated Sign, Virgo in the 12th House. Fun and entertainment activities may lure you now, undoubtedly increasing your personal expenses. Plus Mars, the Lord of the 2nd House of finances is currently in the 12th House of expenses. Hence, Ganesha advises you to be very careful in financial transactions. Also, tighten your purse strings a little. Mercury is a lucky star for you and it will turn direct in motion on Saturday, heralding good times, especially for businessmen. You can now implement the growth plans you have been working on since long. Expansion of business may also be on your mind now. Jupiter s influence over the 6th House of ailments is likely to prove beneficial in finding an apt treatment for chronic ailments.
At the beginning of the week, Moon is in its own Sign, Cancer in the 9th House of fortune and Venus is in the 10th House. This planetary alignment may force you to seek easier alternatives to climb the ladder of success. If you are doing a job, the quality of your work may be below the standards you have set for yourself; this is probably due to Ketu s presence in the 6th House of employment. A profitable deal is on the cards for you if you are an entrepreneur. Moreover, retrograde Mercury will turn direct on Saturday. It is an auspicious time to begin something new, Sign an important agreement and put plans into action. After a long stay in Leo, Venus now enters its debilitated Sign, Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter in the 11th House (of gains). As Venus and Mercury shall now be in exchange with each other, do not expect great financial gains. But, Thursday, says Ganesha, may turn out to be an exception.
You may be in an introspective mood at the beginning of the week. This is a good practice, as it helps to change your way of thinking and you can handle matters in a better manner. The Lord of your Sign, Jupiter, along with Mars, is in the 10th House and it will keep you busy and active at the professional front. On the other hand, the aspect of Mars and Saturn shall keep you equally busy at the domestic front. Moreover, Saturn, the task-master shall make sure you remain grounded and put in well-planned, organised efforts to achieve your goals. On Friday, Venus transits from Leo to Virgo and joins Jupiter and Mars in the 10th House from your Sign. As Venus is in Virgo, it is in exchange with Mercury in Libra, a Sign ruled by Venus. This exchange does not portend a bright time for financial gains. But as Mercury will be in direct motion from Saturday, you shall see your efforts getting streamlined. Achieving your goal may not seem so difficult now.
Easier alternatives to achieve success shall lure you this time around owing to the Sign exchange of Venus and Sun. You may have a tough time obeying your boss unremitting instructions but sometimes, says Ganesha, when the planets are not in your favour, it is better to zip up your lips and do as you are expected to. Around mid-week be prepared for some unexpected family expenses, which may slightly upset your financial plans. Saving money may seem like a distant probability. On Friday, Venus enters Virgo to join Mars and Jupiter in the 9th House. Venus, which is now under the influence of Saturn in the 12th House is also in exchange with Mercury. Hence, it is best if you avoid starting anything new around this time; remain focused on tasks in hand. As the week ends, Mercury turns direct, heralding good news for you. With no more road blocks to halt your progress, you can now act upon your plans.
Venus, the planet of love will be in exchange with Lord of the 7th House of life partner. Unfortunately, this exchange does not spell well for your marital life. But you can save the day, says Ganesha, by spending some quality time with your spouse. At the career front, you may need to hone your skills so that you are not caught unawares when new challenges come calling. Saturn will be aspecting Mars, which is in your 8th House, interrupting the momentum of your career growth. It may also make you feel agitated. On Friday, Venus enters Virgo in the 8th House. As Venus, the Lord of the 9th House of fortune, is debilitated and placed in the 12th House from own Sign, you are likely to face a minor setback at the business front. Moreover, you may lack self confidence and the courage to take risks. But on Saturday, when Mercury turns direct, you can expect a positive change and begin working on the plans on your mind.
With lesser work load you may now be in a comfortable position at the job front. Moreover, the cordial relationship you share with your colleagues will be like icing on the cake. This week, Mars will be in the 7th House and will aspect the 10th House in which Saturn is currently posited. Fiery Mars shall provide the required agility. Saturn, on the other hand, has a square aspect over the 7th House in which Jupiter and Mars are present. This planetary position may slow down your progress a little. But as Mercury turns direct, businessmen can put their growth plans into action. Although, the week may begin on a good note at the marital front, certain planetary changes may take away the charm very soon. With work keeping you busy all round the week, you may be unable to spend time with your spouse, feels Ganesha. Very obviously, they may first complain and later become indifferent to your presence. It may take the efforts of your in-laws to sort out the issues.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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