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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Mar 22  2015 - Sat, Mar  28  2015

The stars this week shall have a positive influence on your moods, feels Ganesha. You shall be bubbling with energy. However, on the negative side, this could also lead to ego clashes ? especially in your personal relationships. However, you will try to channelise your energy positively. Anyway with Jupiter being retrograde now, its positive influence will not be at its fullest. So, beware! The phase will be favourable for businessmen looking to expand operations. Short-term travel around mid-week may bear encouraging results. On the financial front, the planetary configurations suggest you shall be in a comfortable position. You may be tempted to purchase things of creature comfort. But you would be better off saving it for future emergencies.
The cosmos indicates that in the initial stages of the week you will be optimistic. However, not all aspects will be favourable. At times you may become temperamental, which may have an adverse influence on your image. You may tend to ignore the positive side of an issue, getting worked up even on the slightest of provocation. Even on the financial front, some ill-conceived action could result in loss. So, think twice before you take any important decision in financial matters. At office, superiors may be dissatisfied with your work and put pressurise you to perform better. Ganesha says you must take criticism in your stride and try to improve your efficiency to keep future growth prospects alive. Problems in your digestive system may cause some anxiety, so make sure you have only nutritious food.
In your hurry to meet deadlines, this week you may be tempted to take a few shortcuts. You may also be on the lookout for earning some extra income through part-time work to meet your domestic and personal needs. However, Ganesha cautions you against taking any risks. For now, it would be best that you enjoy your work, and try your best to improve your performance. Do not compromise on your values or ethics in order to earn a fast buck. Certain planetary positions are not in favour of harmony in domestic life, so be very careful about avoiding any kind of arguments with your near and dear ones. Also, be aware of your own limitations, but be positive, have faith in the Almighty, and rest assured that nothing will go wrong.
Romance is on the cards for you this week, predicts Ganesha. If you are single, this shall be an ideal time to express your feelings to the person you love and make a commitment. Those already in a relationship can now firm up their bonds by tying the knot. However, for those of you who are already married, it shall not be a very good week. You may be stressed on account of strained relationship with your spouse. Businessmen are likely to have a dull time, except for those in fashion, spa and luxury goods industry. For professionals, this is a favourable time to consolidate your position, and prepare for higher growth and the responsibility that comes along with it. Your equation with your seniors will be good, and this factor shall contribute to your sense of security.
The cosmos this week shall be in your favour, making you feel very confident about yourself. You will be also ready to be more accommodative of the weaknesses of people around you. At work, peers shall be more responsive towards you, acknowledging and praising your efforts. Businessmen too shall have a reason to cheer, as some old friendships are likely to be rekindled. Your reputation as a businessman with a strong value system shall fetch you more clients. Consequently, you shall be able to strike profitable deals, specifically with outstation customers. However, certain inhibitions may hold you back from making the most of the good time, and therefore your growth may not be as much as expected. Finances will be good as long as you don t blow up your money unnecessarily.
This week the planets suggest that you shall be in an amicable mood. This week is also good for businessmen to take action and make plans to achieve higher growth. You also stand to benefit from outstation customers. Professionals may need to put in extra working hours to meet deadlines. In financial matters, you may not feel very comfortable with your position, and might even borrow money for some time to meet urgent family demands. Partying with friends shall also turn out to be an expensive affair. Freelancers can expect to have a good time this week. As far as your health is concerned, you shall need to be careful about high blood pressure, especially those who are middle-aged or above. Ganesha advises you to get your health checked up thoroughly.
You shall begin this week on an optimistic note, predicts Ganesha. At your workplace, you may be at ease and perform efficiently, which shall impress your bosses and fetch you kudos. Growth prospects look encouraging. However, there may be some unexpected expenses, which shall dent your savings, and you might have to cut down on your personal expenses. Businessmen may also be hard pressed this week. You may have a hard time pacifying disappointed customers. The planetary transits suggest that marital issues might become difficult to handle. Ganesha says that visiting a recreation place like a park, with your life partner, beloved, or some close friends may help calm your frayed nerves. On the health front, be careful of injuring yourself.
The planets will be favourably aligned this week for a blissful marital life. You shall enjoy the company of your spouse and since you shall be on the same wavelength, too, all domestic work will flow smoothly. Singles in search of a companion also stand a good chance to find someone suitable, while those already in love may get a positive reply from their sweetheart. In personal life and occupation-related matters, you are likely to be in your usual combative mood. You will be brimming with confidence. Financially, you will be in quite a comfortable position. However, if you are a businessman, you shall have an ordinary week, as fortunes will neither rise nor dip. There is a chance of getting injured, so if you are using sharp instruments, handle them carefully.
The planetary configurations in the early stages of the week suggest that you shall be in a romantic mood, feels Ganesha. However, this mood may not last too long with the Moon soon coming in opposition to retrograde Saturn placed in your Sign. This transit may bring about some uncomfortable moments in marital life. Those involved in partnership business may have a difficult time reaching consensus on business matters. Professionals, too, will not exactly have luck on their side. You might have a difficult time meeting deadlines, and some constraints could affect your overall performance. You may feel helpless for not being able to do much to overcome these odds. However, if you persist with your efforts, you will eventually overcome all obstacles.
The planetary configurations from the very beginning of the week shall put you in a very positive frame of mind, and your spouse will love it. Ganesha foresees that you shall spend some quality time together, which shall in turn have a positive effect on your professional work. However, from Wednesday onwards, you may return to your usual self, being skeptic and finding fault with many things. Your better-half shall immediately sense this change in you, and shall become indifferent to your advances. Anyway, good thing is that your financial position may start improving remarkably with more money coming your way. Businessmen can also expect their turnover to increase, while freelancers may also have their hands full with work. You need to take good care of your health.
You shall feel happy and contented this week, enjoying the creature comforts you may have bought last week. Plus, with Venus entry in Taurus, you shall be feeling quite romantic now. However, at work you will have to prepare yourself for multitasking. Given your workload, though, you will have to start developing new strategies from around Wednesday to ensure that your work gets finished in time. Your bosses shall appreciate your efforts. With Mercury in debilitation, however, business persons will have to do a reality check, and weigh the pros and cons of extending credit to customers, especially the new ones. You may even lose your money, if you don?t follow up with your customers regularly. Singles are likely to have an enjoyable time this week with your new-found sweetheart.
Romance is on the cards this week, predicts Ganesha. There is a high probability of developing a meaningful relationship with a person of the opposite sex. This relationship will prove to be lucky for you in the future. For businessmen, this week is conducive for undertaking outstation trips to expand operations. On Wednesday and Thursday, you may be busy attending some domestic matters. Take care to not become complacent in your profession. With Saturn moving retrograde, you may be tempted to earn more money quickly, though. But it would be best to avoid indulging in speculation-oriented activities, or even trying to take advantage of some loopholes in the law. Instead, continue to work hard without expecting immediate results. Take good care of your health.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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