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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, May 03  2015 - Sat, May  09  2015

Certain annoying issues at home will disrupt harmony in your personal life and make you feel low around this time. You may also feel that your views are not valued as much as those of other family members. And this may become more apparent when elders in the family, if any, will oppose your decision and express their criticism more openly about the same. Although your love and affection toward family members will not be affected by this, you may tend to get worked up if you are not taken seriously. With two fiery planets, Sun and Mars placed in the 2nd House, related to speech and money, you may damage your growth prospects by your utterances, so be polite with your seniors and boss. If you?re doing a job, you may even need to multi-task to ease some pressure. Freelancers are likely to be a harried lot, says Ganesha as duplication of work due to frequent changes asked for by prospective employer may cause you mental exertion.
Currently, the combust Mars is in conjunction with the Sun positioned in your Sign. Hence, even a slight incitement may cause you irritation. You are, therefore, advised to control your temper and avoid getting furious, lest you damage your future prospects. You may also be liable to misinterpreting situations and misunderstanding people s intentions. Try re-thinking every word and every reaction of yours, thus, says Ganesha. Thanks to Venus and Mercury positioned favourably for your Sign, you shall, any way, manage to calm your frayed tempers and stay diplomatic in most of your dealings. Your home life shall add to your happiness, but your finances and business/ work may keep you quite busy and occupied. Consult an expert, if need be, says Ganesha, or a wrong judgement may lead to your money getting stuck and returns getting delayed.
The full Moon shall evolve at the beginning of this week. However, as this debilitated Moon is posited in the 6th House from your Sign, you may get upset due to your shortcomings. Anyway, around mid-week, you shall get back on the track and get involved in the routine life. Besides, the Retrograde Saturn is currently in opposition to your Sign. Subsequently, your progress may slowdown. Actually some obstacles may be the cause of your substandard performance. However, do not lose heart and just analyse your past decisions. Accordingly rectify your errors, think positively and continue with your regular affairs. Moreover, Ganesha advises you to remain patient, and wait for the tide to turn in your favour. You may thereafter implement your plans to achieve higher growth. Besides, difference of opinion with spouse may lead to disharmony on the marital front. Yet, stay calm as things shall change for the better soon.
The full Moon will evolve around beginning of this week. However, the Moon will be debilitated and in opposition to both Mars and Sun. Consequently, you may get excited and angry for some reason or the other, due to the influence of Mars. Anyway, as the Moon gets closer to Saturn around the mid-week, you shall cool down and realise the facts. Besides, you may miss a nice chance to earn money this time around, primarily due to your casual approach. Ganesha therefore advises to control your temper, especially because there is a possibility of getting hurt accidentally. Hence, take care and do not blow your lid, else you might land yourself in deep trouble. Further, the stubborn attitude of your better half around the weekend, may lead to disharmony on the marital front, and dampen your spirits. However, you need to look at the other side of the coin. Try to understand the problems of your spouse, before jumping to conclusions.
Self-contemplation may lead to anxiety, due to some issues on the career front. You might also have to settle some nagging problems in domestic life. With the full Moon evolving in the skyline, you may feel frustrated and guilty for not resolving the matters well within the time. In fact, some long pending domestic issues could become the cause of your concern. Moreover, you shall now focus on purchasing a car or some other major asset. Subsequently, this may help to make up for your carelessness towards your family, and also delight them. This week, you may also have a strong desire to redecorate your residence, and make your domestic life more comfortable. Employed ones may have to shoulder extra responsibility, and work on some vital project. The task could be tough and might test your wits. Anyway, successful completion shall establish your credibility, and may fill your pockets with a big bonus.
The full Moon will radiate brilliantly, and also be posited in its Sign of debilitation, Scorpio, around the initial period of this week. Moreover, the Ruler of Scorpio, Mars, will be placed in opposition to the full Moon. You may, therefore, get nervous and feel angry. Anyway, businesspersons and freelancers can look forward to a nice chance to make more money and achieve higher growth. However, the influence of retrograde Saturn over the 10th House might create some obstacles. As a result, you may not gain as expected, and prefer to remain contended with the limited progress. Further, the malefic Saturn will have a square aspect over your Sign. Ganesha feels that this planetary alignment could have a detrimental effect on your health and personal life. To add fuel to the fire, the powerful influence of Mars over Saturn may make you accident prone. Thus, you need to stay on the guard, especially while driving a vehicle and handling sharp objects.
The full Moon will now emerge on the skyline, and shall be posited in its Sign of debilitation, Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Thus, the fiery Mars will now be in opposition to the full Moon. Hence, you may get very emotional, nervous, and angry, during this week. Employed ones might feel anxious, due to heavy workload and relatively pressing time-limits. You may also have to handle multiple projects to re-confirm your ability, and subsequently, you might seriously think about changing your job. However, Ganesha says that this is not the right time to jump the fence, as Saturn is currently transiting in a retrograde movement. You are, therefore, advised to continue in your present job, and worker harder to improve your career prospects. Businesspersons should concentrate on their regular activities, and ensure that they do not miss the boat, when a nice chance comes their way.
The full Moon will be posited in your Sign, while the ruler of your Sign, Mars, will be placed in opposition to the full Moon, around the beginning of this week. You may, therefore, tend to be rather emotional and somewhat selfish. However, if you steer your thoughts in the right direction, you shall be more comfortable in your work domain and will easily move ahead on to the path of progress. Employed ones must avoid losing their temper, though. Interact graciously with your seniors, and refrain from blowing your own trumpet. Ganesha also advises you to utilise your energy in increasing your productivity, and work to pro-actively resolve the ongoing issues. Also, be ready to take up extra responsibilities. You may also get a nice chance to earn more money, due to the positive influence of Jupiter over the 2nd House (associated with Finance) from your Sign. Yet, the negative impact of both Saturn and Mars over the 2nd House from your Sign may create some hurdles, and lead to sudden expenses.
The full Moon will evolve on the skyline, as this week commences, and get positioned in its Sign of Debilitation, Scorpio, in the 12th House from your Sign. The Moon will, thus, be placed in a Sign ruled by Mars, and the Sun and Mars will now be in opposition to the full Moon. As a result, you are likely to feel annoyed and slightly charged up. Earning more money shall now top your priority list. However, you may get baffled, while deciding the sources to increase your income. You may be accident prone. This could mainly happen due to your turbulent state of mind. Take care, and don t worry much. Anyway, you shall experience tranquillity, as things shall settle down, when the Moon enters your Sign and comes in conjunction with Saturn, around mid-week. You shall now think pragmatically to improve your monetary prospects, which has to be a good thing.
The week commences with the full Moon rising on the horizon. However, the Moon is currently in its Sign of Debilitation, and in opposition to Mars. You may, therefore, feel worked up and stressed. Your seniors at work may coerce you to increase your efficiency, and finish some work, within a stipulated deadline. This may leave you perturbed. The ruler of your Sign, Saturn, continues to be in retrograde mode in the 12th House from your Sign. Subsequently, things may seem difficult, and you may lose your self-confidence. You could even miss some nice chances to boost your earnings. Note that combust Mars is currently posited in the 5th House from your Sign and is influencing Saturn. Hence, you might get worked up easily. At this time, you may be least bothered about your career prospects. Your focus, instead, shall remain on your personal fulfilment. Thankfully, around the weekend things shall improve vastly, when Venus enters the cardinal Sign Cancer in the 7th House from your Sign, directly aspecting your Sign. You shall now experience enhanced tranquillity, and would now be willing to see things from an appropriate viewpoint.
The full Moon will now emerge on the skyline. Ganesha feels that you may become moody and temperamental. Owing to this behaviour, you may experience disharmony in your relationship. The Moon will also be posited in adamant Scorpio, in the 10th House from your Sign. The Moon will thus be in opposition to the Sun and Mars, positioned in the 4th House from your Sign. You may now feel excited and angry, at once, due to the influence of powerful Mars. Besides, you might be inclined to be emphatic and may also tend to convey your standpoint rather rudely. However, you shall soon realise your constraints, and thus keep your temper, as the Moon joins the retrograde Saturn posited in the 11th House from your Sign. However, the combust Mars will also aspect Saturn posited in the 11th House. You may, therefore, fail to look at things from a positive angle. Avoid blowing your lid, in order to avert a major clash, which may harm your relations with your near ones.
This week begins with the full Moon evolving on the skyline--in Scorpio, the Sign ruled by Mars. Besides, Mars will be combust and placed in opposition to the full Moon. Hence, you may think negatively, get angry easily, and fail to concentrate on your work. Many of you may also feel baffle and, dissatisfied, due to the apparent stagnancy in your career. However, Ganesha advises you to watch your words and remain calm, else things could get worse. You may tend to be brusque, while interacting with individuals, who disagree with your opinion, due to the negative influence of the current planetary alignment. Yet, you need to keep your temper, otherwise it could irritate your bosses/ seniors, thereby harming your career prospects. Your health may also decline, as the ruler of your Sign, Jupiter, is positioned in the 6th House (associated with Ailments and Diseases) from your Sign.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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