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    Good at Maths
    'Dr. Smith is checking a little boy named Tom.
    Placing the stethoscope he said,

    'Naughty boy, now take a long breath and say Five, three times.'

    Tom is great at math. He always gets 100 out of 100. He said quickly, 'Doctor, its 15!!
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    Gamon Ne Ghera Hai Mujhe
    Gamon Ne Ghera Hai Mujhe Gamon Ne Ghera Hai Mujhe Ha...

    Zinda Hu Main Mgar, Jeene Ki Koshish Kr Rha Hu Main, I...

    Meri Nazroon Mein Jo Khumar Hai Uska Hi Hai Mere Tasaa...
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    Happiness eludes us if we run after it.
    Mahatma Gandhi
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    White flesh of coconut is healthy for the mother and the fetus.
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    Beaver Cleaver's locker number is 9.
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