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Telugu Movies Alludu Seenu - Drushyam
Hindi Movies Kick - Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania
Tamil Movie Thirumanam Enum Nikkah
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    Who's this?
    Girlfriend texted me, "I have tried my best to make this relationship work but I seem to be the only one trying. So I have decided to break up with you and move on with my life. Can you delete my number and never contact me."?

    Boy replied, "Who's this?
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    The first quality that is needed is audacity.
    - Winston Churchill
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    Kitchen sink - Odour
    To freshen up nasty smelling kitchen sinks, pour a cup of vinegar down the kitchen drain. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes and pour in a cup of cold water. The odour will disappear. In case of persistent odours flush the drain pipe with vinegar more often.
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    There are over 100 different viruses that cause the common cold
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