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Hindi Movies Drishyam - Bajrani Bhaijaan
Telugu Movies Srimanthudu - BAAHUBALI
Punjabi Movie Angrej
Camden Travels - FareGurus FunAsia
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    When I was of your age..

    One day, a grandpa and his grandson go golfing. The young one is really good and the old one is just giving him tips.

    They are on hole 8 and there is a tree in the way and the grandpa says, "When I was your age, I would hit the ball right over tha...more
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    Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    Application of almond oil helps to keep your lips soft as it is rich in vitamin E.
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    Every time you recall a memory or have a new thought, you are creating a new connection in your brain.
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