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Clean your teeth with salt twice in a week to get white and clean teeth and also it reduces the Blood Pressure problem.
Eating Popaya and carrot regularly will make your skin perfect & shine.
Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly to avoid the risk or infection.
Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows: The shape of the eyebrow is correct when the beginning of the brow is aligned with the center of the nostril and the arch falls over the back third of the eye.
Using bathing powder can prevent oily skin and also reduces the usage of the facial creams.
Ginkgo biloba may be effective in relieving minor depression.
Increasing magnesium-rich foods in your daily diet could help boost your mood.
Reach for salted crackers, nuts or pretzels if you are dehydrated.
Potassium in bananas helps rehydrate you better than most foods.
Having a bottle of water on hand, particularly when exercising, will help you avoid dehydration.
Snacking on green peas coated in wasabi can help relieve allergy symptoms.
Hardwood floors improve the value of your home and reduce indoor allergens.
Remedies for AllergieSteam Your Face.Steam can soothe your sinuses.
Tea has been used for centuries as a remedy for nasal decongestion. However, use caution when giving peppermint tea to children.
Apply little fondation cream on lips before applying lipstick to stay for longer time.
Daily make your kid to drink 10ml of beetroot juice which keeps your child healthy and maintians perfect himoglobin.
Scrub your skin with basin & sugar it reduces black & white heads and also reduces oilyness on your skin.
Pruning give a rapid growth. Trim by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems of the money plant.
If you want to keep money plant as an indoor plant, it is fine to go for a small pot. But always prefer a harmonising pot outdoor for a faster growth. The growth of the plant is closely related to the pot size. You can plant it directly to the soil also without using a pot.
Watering will definitely help the money plant to grow faster. But avoid over watering in any circumstances. Money plant does not need too much of water to grow. It is essential to let the soil dry between two watering sessions. Water the plant once every 2-3 weeks in winter and once every 7-10 days during summer.
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