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Water encourages bowel movement.


Water helps prevent blood pressure from dropping to critical levels.


Water cushions our body joints.


One of our favorite mice is Mickey Mouse who has delighted us since the late 1920's.


The textile industry became mechanised in the 18th century. First pioneered with silk at Lombe's Mill in Derby in 1721.


The India Red Cross Society was established in the year 1920.


Host Greece won the most medals (47) at the first Olympic Summer Games in 1896.


The average toilet uses 8 litres of clean water in a single flush.


On average, every US dollar invested in water and sanitation provides an economic return of eight US dollars


Blinking too much - means we’re nervous or anxious


We often have a sense that we are falling in our dream – then we suddenly wake up and find we’re safe in our bed. This is said to be the fear that we are losing control, or it may be a fear of abandonment.


Touching the front of neck shows interests or concern in what the other person is saying.


Cross-cultural research indicates that our dreams reflect normal life events in our own country and culture.


A giraffe sleeps for only 2 hours a day.


If you avoid your sleep for more than 10 days, you will die.


On average, cats sleep 10 to 15 hours a day.


The colder your house is, the worse your dreams are. They say that if your room is at an average temperature, you have better sleeps.


On average, dogs sleep around 10 to 13 hours a day


The word “Nightmare” was used a long time ago for a female spirit who besets people at night while sleeping.


Blind people dream. Their dreams are auditory if they were born blind. If they became blind at an early age, they still dream of what they remember.

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