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Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse.


If you spelled out every one of the states in the United States the only letter you would never use is the letter Q.


Most Orange juice is yellow in color not orange.


Girls are more talkative in nature than guys.


Girls are born with about 300,000 eggs.


Light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach earth, 40 minutes to reach jupiter and 7 hours to reach the edge of the solar system.


Everytime hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form helium nuclei, which results in a burst of energy, heating up and powering the sun, the sun loses a tiny amount of its mass.


The largest volcano in the Solar System is on Mars. It is called Olympus Mons.


Venus and Mercury are the only two planets in the Solar System not to have moons orbiting them.


Venus' axis hardly has any tilt at all, unlike Mars and Earth. This means that, if it had a thin atmosphere, the planet would not have seasons.


After the Sun and the Moon, Venus is the brightest object in the night-sky from Earth


If you could take a journey in an normal airliner flying at its normal speed (about 644 km an hour) travelling from Earth to the Sun, it would take 20 years to reach your destination, and that's without stopping.


Light from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach Earth, 40 minutes to reach Jupiter and 7 hours to reach the edge of the Solar System.


Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name is Moon!


Despite the manned lunar missions being named after Apollo, in classical mythology, Apollo is actually the god of the Sun.


The moon is about 1/4 the size of the Earth.


The moon has no global magnetic field.


The first space craft to send back pictures from the moon was Luna 3 (built by the Soviet Union) in October 1959.


The dark spots we see on the moon that create the image of the man in the moon are actually craters filled with basalt, which is a very dense material.


The moon rotates at 10 miles per hour compared to the earth's rotation of 1000 miles per hour.

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