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Astronomers have found a galaxy turning gas in to stars with almost 100% efficiency, a rare phase of galaxy evolution that is the most extreme yet observed.


Plants can communicate the onset of an attack from aphids by making use of an underground network of fungi, researchers have found.


McDonlad's serves spinach pies on Thiland


The military word "Mayday" meaning "emergency" comes from the identically pronounced French phrase "m'aidez" meaning "help me".


In Russia there is a "Temple of all religions" which serves as a peaceful combination of different cultures.


Post office workers once sent alive cat through the pneumatic mail tube system in New York


A portion of the Mona Lisa actually painted with the subject's menstural blood


Yellow fin tuna get there yellowish tint from absorbing human urine in the water around them.


Dogs are the only animal proven to have a sixth sense


It is thought that a yawn works to send more oxygen to the brain, therefore working to cool it down and wake it up.


If your brain loses blood for 8 to 10 seconds, you will lose consciousness.


As with oxygen, your brain uses 20% of the blood circulating in your body.


Your brain uses 20% of the total oxygen in your body.


The capacity for such emotions as joy, happiness, fear, and shyness are already developed at birth. The specific type of nurturing a child receives shapes how these emotions are developed.


Your brain stopped growing at age 18.


A newborn babyís brain grows about three times its size in the first year.


The brain is made up of about 75% water.


Your brain is 60% white matter and 40% gray matter.


The brainís gray matter is made up of neurons, which gather and transmit signals.


Your skin weighs twice as much as your brain.

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