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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Apr 13  2014 - Sat, Apr  19  2014

Ganesha feels that this week may begin on a bit of a wobbly note. There may be some problems on the domestic front. The planetary configurations suggest that in the initial stages of the week, you will be able to resolve such problems, provided you put in the required hard work. In fact, this is the best time to get rid of the niggling problems once and for all. You can also achieve some personal goals during this phase. As you will be focussed on the matters that badly need your attention, other areas of your life may get neglected. Leisure activities will also take a back-seat. But all those sacrifices will not go in vain, says Ganesha, as you will be able to end a lot of issues and also focus on new goals.
Although this week appears to be slightly tricky for you, there is no need to get tensed, as the problems will be minor, and can even be totally neglected. You may not be able to focus on the jobs on hand to your satisfaction, but fortunately it is a good time to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. Still, you will be able to find the perfect balance between work and leisure. You shall be generous and attend to people s demands, but make sure that people do not take undue advantage of this tendency. This week, you will learn some vital lessons on how you should handle your personal relationships. Since you will be trusting your instincts and judgements more than anything else, you will not be inclined to listen to the advise of other people.
This is a great week for you and you shall handle all your tasks, whether they may be on the professional or personal fronts, with a lot of responsibility. It is likely that you may be put in a position of authority by your superiors, and you shall fully justify the trust reposed in you. Some professionals, though, may feel a bit out of sorts, and will find it difficult to live up to expectations. You will try to keep your focus fully on your goals and doing the requisite to accomplish them. Also, you will come up with innovative ideas, which will lead to positive results, and fetch you appreciation from people who really matter. Financial gains through different sources are on the cards. Those in trading business, sales, marketing, banking sector etc. are likely to benefit.
On the professional front, you shall be invested with more authority and you shall enjoy it, but beware, the quantum of responsibility too is going to rise. Some vital conferences are slated, and the constant communication could fatigue you. Ganesha says this is a favourable week to deal with the top honchos in your company. Your career graph may shoot up. Finances will pour in from various sources, given that you are ready to accept the additional responsibilities that come along with them. Some of you may break old ties and get into new relationships this week. On the romantic front, the planetary positions suggest a dull phase. The bond you share with your life-partner may become stressful, and you may not be able to avoid the feeling that your marriage is becoming stale. Try to inject some spice into it.
Ganesha advises you not to try to push things too much and let them go on at the pace at which they are going on, because the stars this week indicate that no amount of efforts that you make will make any tangible difference. This may quite possibly cause you some frustration, but there is nothing you can do about it, so it would be best to put your legs up, try to relax or meditate and leave the rest to destiny. On the romantic front, Ganesha advises you not to get into arguments with your beloved or it may spoil your rapport. However, as far as other relationships which may be beyond repair are concerned, it would be best to severe them. Financially you may be comfortable, but if there are some property or real estate issues, you may have to really struggle to get your rights.
You shall be in a very forthright and analytical mood this week, and you will not mince words when you wish to give someone a piece of your mind. However, be careful not to be unjust, or you will end up alienating some close friends. Otherwise, this is an extremely favourable week for you. Monetary matters will now get sorted out, while your domestic life will be full of love and laughter. Your health may cause some concern but as long as you keep your distance from stress, you will get along just fine. Besides, socialising and meeting friends and family shall help you recharge your batteries. Some old friends are likely to resurface this week, and you shall enjoy going down the memory lane with them. You shall share a great rapport with your beloved this week.
Since you have been working very hard of late, you shall become impatient to be rewarded for your labours, but Ganesha advises you not to get disappointed or frustrated if it does not happen overnight, and assures you that the rewards will come sooner or later. In all probability, you will be spending your energies on futile activities. You tend to get affected by other peoples opinion of you, but this week you would do well to ignore what others think and do what you feel is right. You may need to take some quick decisions, says Ganesha. However, think carefully about the pros and cons before arriving at any decision, or it may cost you heavily. Legal matters, if any, may not go in your favour this week. Financially, this phase is likely to be just so-so.
This week you are likely to spend most of your time streamlining your modus operandi, such as getting things prioritized in your office, as well as in your domestic life. However, Ganesha says that you will take life easy, and will not be in a mood to take on too much responsibility or any stressful tasks. But in the tasks that you do undertake, you shall make sure that every detail is in order and that you do your work proficiently and without wasting any time. Although you shall be comfortable on the financial front, you may be a bit too lavish, spending liberally on leisure activities, such as movies, drama, music shows, outings and fine dinners. Ganesha advises you to control this tendency somewhat and try to save some money for the rainy day.
Ganesha predicts you may be totally preoccupied with financial matters this week. You will concern yourself not only with how to make more money, including through speculative activity on the stock market, but at the same time will take appropriate cost-cutting measures, without compromising on the basic material comforts of your near and dear ones. You may go ahead and take calculated risks, but certainly not reckless ones, but be prepared for disappointments as your transactions may not yield the quantum of profits envisaged by you. On other fronts, Ganesha says that your creativity will come to the fore, and you are likely to come up with novel ideas to accomplish your goals, which will please your superiors no end. You will also take out time to broaden the horizons of your knowledge by reading on a variety of subjects.
Ganesha foretells that this week you will be in a mood to take some time off for yourself so that you can meditate and figure out how to make better progress in your work, but unfortunately you may not get the solitude you desire because of the arrival of guests. It will be very distracting, and you may not be able to focus on work because of it, but Ganesha assures you that your competence will see you through all your tasks. However, some of you will be desiring quite the opposite of solitude ? that is the company of your friends, and generally socialising and organising parties. Therefore, you may invite old friends and distant relatives you knew well during your childhood, so that you can relive your memories with them.
You may be flooded with information this week, and you will find it extremely difficult to discriminate between how much of it will be useful and how much useless. Use your communication skills effectively to seek guidance from friends and relatives elder to you, who can help you sift the wheat from the chaff. On the personal front, being of a very generous and helpful nature, you may go out of your way to help people in need, even if you have to compromise the interests of your own family. This is not such a wise thing to do, says Ganesha. What you need at this stage is a break of a couple of days during which you can take your family out on an outstation trip, relax and recharge your batteries.
The stars are in favour for people engaged in the fields of sales and marketing, so Ganesha assures you of success, provided, of course, that you use your communication and persuasive skills to the hilt. You are likely to gain a fresh perspective about the circumstances you are in, which will help you develop a more positive attitude. On the financial front, you shall be comfortable, but don t take things for granted. Make sure that you save enough to secure your future. Though you may go ahead and spend on necessary items, you need not go in for branded or high-end stuff. This week will also bring out the subtlety in you, and not everyone around you will be able to grasp the hidden meanings behind your words, but worry not, those who matter will understand.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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