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While awake, your brain generates between 10 and 23 watts of power–or enough energy to power a light bulb.


Children who learn two languages before the age of five alters the brain structure and adults have a much denser gray matter.


Reading aloud and talking often to a young child promotes brain development.


Alcohol interferes with brain processes by weakening connections between neurons.


The human brain is the fattest organ in the body and may consists of at least 60% fat.


There are no pain receptors in the brain, so the brain can feel no pain.


The oldest tree from Earth is estimated to be about 4600 years old and it’s a bristlecone pine from California.


The Earth’s year has 365.2564 days. Thanks to this extra .2564, every four years, the leap year appears, which has an extra day.


On July 21st 1983, the coldest temperature ever on the planet earth was recorded at a frightening 128.6 degrees fahrenheit below zero (-89.2  ºC) in Antarctica by Soviet scientist at the Vostok expedition station? Thats one cool fact!


The coldest place on Earth is Vostok (in Antarctica) and the hottest area is El Azizia (in Libya).


Scientists say that an Earth day had around 20 hours a few million years ago and that a million years from now it will have 27 hours.


An Earth day is not 24 hours long. It’s actually 23h, 56m, 4s which is the time that the planet needs to rotate on its own axis.


Oxygen forms approximately 47% of the crust of the Earth.


The rule of thumb phrase comes from the English law which in the past said that a man could not beat his wife with something that was wider than a thumb.


The pressure created by a heart is sufficient to squirt the blood to a distance of up to 9 meters. That’s 27 feet.


Folding a standard rule or college rule piece of paper or smaller in half more than seven times is impossible. Try it!


If you squeeze your nose together where no air goes in or out, you can’t hum. Try it!


The plastic pieces on the tips of shoe laces are called aglets.


A butterfly tastes things with it’s feet or tarsi.


Crocodiles cannot stick their tongues out.

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