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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Oct 19  2014 - Sat, Oct  25  2014

Your focus this week shall be on building new and consolidating existing relationships, foretells Ganesha. Towards that end, you shall be busy with PR and social events. In the process you might even meet some very influential people, who shall be helpful in aiding you in furthering your career, helping you out in some or the other sphere of life. This week, you shall love to be surrounded by people, but Ganesha warns you that while speaking in the midst of a group of people, you better mind your words, or else something you say could very easily lead to controversies. And then, it may get very difficult for you to convince people that your words were misinterpreted. In short, along with your job or business, you shall remain busy with social and public life. Around this time, your opponents may be very active; you may even become a victim of someone s jealousy.
The initial stages of this week shall be crammed with academic activity, or children may keep you preoccupied, foretells Ganesha. Your work-load shall be so heavy this week that you shall return home every evening feeling thoroughly fatigued. Since you shall be giving your best as a professional, the sense of achievement shall surely be there, but you shall have no time to enjoy it. Your intellect may not be at its sharpest best, so it would be better if you just stuck to your routine chores instead of trying anything innovative. Your work-load is only going to increase as the week progresses, but you should remain cool and patient, or you may end up taking some erroneous decisions, which may later turn out to be very expensive.
Your approach towards both work and domestic matters this week shall be very practical. As Lord of your Sign Mercury is in Libra and that too in retrograde mode, it will be much better to avoid taking any major decisions during this week. Confusion will progressively increase and you shall become indecisive regarding many matters. There is the danger that you may start building castles in the air, so be alert about staying grounded. However, this Hamlet-like to be or not to be frame of mind shall soon pass. Your creative energy may be obstructed due to some odd planetary influences, but you must continue with your creative endeavours and not abandon any project mid-way. This can be a very good week for writers. In fact, this is the best time to convey your feelings to someone in writing, says Ganesha.
Ganesha foretells that this whole week is going to keep you busy both with work and domestic affairs. At work, you may get the feeling that you are not being given due importance, or that your grievances are not being heard. However, Ganesha advises you not to get disturbed about such things and just keep on working sincerely. A day will come when others will be able to understand the real value of the hard work that you have been putting in. This week, you shall have to pay attention to parents and shall also have to ensure that their health check-ups are done regularly. On the whole, this week looks all right. Domestic affairs, especially those related to children, along with your routine activities, job or business shall be going on by and large satisfactorily.
Ganesha foretells that your intellect shall be at its sharpest, this week. You shall think out of the box, and thanks to your great communication skills, you shall command a lot of authority. You shall also expect others to take your directions seriously ? and follow them. A lot of people around you, too, shall be generating a lot of ideas, and it may become slightly difficult for you to manage it all. Go slow! Also, you may get irritated by others constant gossiping. However, on the social front, your communication skills shall come in handy in building and maintaining bridges. You may also take up the role of a mediator for others, uniting scattered souls once again. Ganesha also feels that during this week you shall be involved in a lot of selfless activities.
Ganesha predicts that this week is going to kick-start with mundane activities that are actually very important for you. For example, organising your desk, keeping all official and useful documents in order, keeping books and CDs in their proper place, etc. During this week, a lot of interaction is going to happen with family members, colleagues, superiors and friends. Frequent communication will keep your mind very busy and will not allow you to focus on your work. You may feel like switching off your mind, and, in fact, not just your mind, but even your mobile too. Problems in communication instruments like mobile phones or computers are likely. You may need to hit the factory reset button, or else things could drive you crazy. Your financial condition may take a little time to improve but you shall be able to maintain the status quo.
Whatever happens during this week shall be on the mental plane, foresees Ganesha. You shall be constantly contemplating about one thing or another, and it won t be possible to switch off your mind. Ganesha feels that during this week you must not try to do multi-tasking, because it will only clutter your mind. In other words, it will be better not to change your working pattern. This week is very auspicious for starting any sporting activity, or even for joining a gym to maintain your fitness. If you start physical exercise this week, you shall surely be able to sustain it for a long time, and it shall make you feel very energetic throughout the day. Towards the second half of the week, your financial condition may improve, and you may also find a bundle of joy added to the family. Arrival of guests cannot be ruled out.
Ganesha predicts a hectic week for you. Work pressure shall go on increasing and you shall have no time to relax. When you are not busy with work, you shall be busy with socialising. Like it or not, you shall have to spend money to keep your friends and/ or family members happy. Unnecessary expenses are also on the cards. Those willing to set out on a leisure trip to some distant place are advised to take good care of their health. During this week, you shall be wondering how to squeeze out some time to relax. Even on a leave or a vacation, some activity or the other shall keep you constantly occupied. Ganesha s suggestion to you is to plan things in such a manner that you don t end up feeling that you are on a roller-coaster ride. The good thing is, your love life shall surely blossom.
You shall be very pragmatic this week, foretells Ganesha, and also positive because you shall tone down your aggression and take things in their true spirit. However, you may feel a bit tensed during the first half of the week due to overload of work. Demands from superiors or from the market will be increasing and your efforts to meet those demands shall make this week very hectic. However, in the second half of the week, you shall be able to fulfill your desire to take a break and you shall also be able to count on others who can share your responsibilities. You shall get support from your family members and also derive great pleasure in doing things to keep them happy. It s only over the weekend that you may be able to unwind.
Expect to work for long hours, this week, because your work pressure is going to be too much, predicts Ganesha. In your quest to meet everyone s demands, you may become somewhat irritable and shall be prone to losing your temper. You shall not wish to compromise on either quality or quantity, and if something goes wrong, you are likely to blow your top off. Ganesha feels that during the second half of this week, you shall want to break free from all your routine, and spend the remaining week differently. You shall not want to go by fixed routines, but will prefer to follow your own instinct. Going somewhere far from the frantic crowd would be a good idea, as it shall provide you the much-needed change. With Venus entry in Scorpio, you are going to meet someone new/ interesting, or you shall find your love/ married life improving by notches, promises Ganesha.
During this week, one day everything shall come to a grinding halt. Whether you wish or not, you would require to alter your routine. That s okay for now, though. Most of your projects shall be nearing completion and whatever is left, can be restarted after a break. Ganesha feels that this is the right time to plan a pilgrimage, a trip to a distant place ? or even go abroad. However, wherever you go, you shall remain in touch with your people, co-workers, family members, etc. Ganesha feels that during this week, you shall spend some very memorable moments with your beloved or life partner. Although this week shall not be very financially rewarding, especially with expenses mounting, you shall at least be able to recharge yourself. The time is also auspicious for starting new projects. Those of you staying away from your family could make a trip home.
From the professional point of view, this week is going to be positive and successful. The manner in which you are handling your projects shall earn you the appreciation of your peers and superiors. Seniors will be happy with your performance and peers shall be proud of you. Family members may take time to fully appreciate you, but that too should happen soon. While you shall enjoy your work this week, you would also enjoy other things that life has to offer you ? like short distance travel or a picnic or even a very quiet time with your spouse or lover. By and large, this week looks very good from almost all angles. Those thinking of changing your job, shall take a firm decision this week. You shall need to watch your food and lifestyle habits, as there are chances of your falling sick. Take care!

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com


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