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All predictions are based on your Sun sign.
Horoscope for the Week Sun, Aug 17  2014 - Sat, Aug  23  2014

In this week of self-realisation, you will understand the value of the talents that you have been endowed with, predicts Ganesha. You may start feeling that you have been under-utilising them, and may now resolve to use your full potential. You will also realise that you have been wasting your time by running after useless things, and you will focus fully on your professional tasks. The stars suggest that your great eloquence will come to the fore, which will help you a great deal in overcoming professional hurdles that have been slowing down your progress. All this means that you shall be too preoccupied with work at the cost of your family life. However, Ganesha advises you to squeeze out some time for your loved ones over the weekend.
Ganesha predicts that you shall be able to put forth your novel ideas and strategies to your superiors with great powers of persuasion. Needless to say, most of your ideas will be accepted positively by your bosses, and they will appreciate your intense involvement in your work. Even businessmen will benefit from your sharp communication skills, and you shall be able to rope in new partners who can inject fresh talent and fresh capital that is needed to expand your operations. However, Ganesha warns you that your work pressure is bound to increase, and advises you to do all the work that comes your way without cribbing. This should not pose any problems as your fitness and energy levels are quite high. Try to avoid getting into new relationships this week.
This week you shall be brimming with high spirits, and you will spread laughter and joy wherever you go, foretells Ganesha. Your workload may be back-breaking, but even that will not be able to lower your spirits. In short, both your attitude to work and life in general will be exemplary, and you shall gain many admirers. Many of them will flock to you for guidance, and being large-hearted, you shall not shirk from the social responsibility of helping people in distress. On the domestic front, though, you may be a bit touchy. A single wrong word, even if it is said with good intentions, could hurt your feelings. Ganesha advises you not to take such petty things to heart, and especially to learn to forgive and forget, as it will keep your personal relationships hunky dory.
Ganesha predicts that this week life is going to be very demanding on the professional front. Your workload will be heavy, and your superiors will demand high quality of output. Therefore, you will have to be on your toes constantly, even at the cost of neglecting your family, because it is very important for you under the present circumstances to impress your bosses. Despite the fact that you are working hard, other people may try to tarnish your image by complaining to your bosses, so make sure that you don t waste any time and don t indulge in unproductive activities. You are generally very soft spoken and always try to be diplomatic while solving issues. However, this week the chances are that you might become a hard taskmaster.
You may face some serious confusion this week regarding your work at your office, foretells Ganesha. Instead of experimenting or going by the trial and error method, you would do well to consult people more experienced than you, as it will save both time and resources. Businessmen, especially wholesalers, are in for an extremely profitable week. On the personal front, you shall be in an amiable mood, but prone on the odd occasion to lose your temper. Ganesha advises you to meditate to stay calm come what may. Try to quit deeply ingrained addictions to improve your health. On the romantic front, life promises to be eventful. You may expect to meet that someone special with whom you can forge a long-term bond.
The cosmos indicates that whether you are a professional or a businessman, this week you are going to be overloaded with work, says Ganesha. However, since you shall be very positive and approach your work with full dedication and very meticulously, things will not seem to be so difficult to you as they would seem to someone less dedicated. This week appears to be very auspicious for businessmen who are planning to enter into new contracts. However, old partnerships may lead to some complications. Freelancers and self-employed people will be lucky and successful. On the financial front, you will be very confident and shall not shy from taking calculated risks. If you feel that your investments are appreciating very slowly, be patient and hang on to them.
Ganesha foretells that you will begin the week on a lazy note, feeling very confused and unable to focus on work. However, rest assured that as the days roll by, you shall start feeling more and more energetic, and you will start doing your tasks so fast and efficiently that you will make up for the initial loss of time. In fact, before the weekend you will already start feeling that you have been performing so exceptionally that you now deserve a promotion or an increment. And if they are not forthcoming, you may actually start hunting for another job. On the personal front, you will try to find out ways to provide more material comforts both to yourself and your near and dear ones. You may become too preoccupied with sensuous pleasures in your conjugal life.
The planetary configurations this week indicate that life, both on the personal and professional fronts, is going to be hectic. There will be no respite from work and you will find it extremely difficult to balance the two aspects of life, but Ganesha assures you that with some clever multi-tasking you shall be successful in accomplishing almost every task of yours and possibly even be able to squeeze out some time for your family towards the weekend. At any rate, you will enjoy your work, so you will not really get fatigued. This phase is auspicious for creative people as well as people in government service. On the romantic front things will be a bit dry, and you will prefer to spend time with close friends and relatives.
Your professional life will dominate your personal life this week, and you will even have to carry work home in order to be able to complete all your tasks within the given deadlines, foretells Ganesha. You will be in constant touch over the telephone with your bosses regarding official work, something which is unlikely to go down well with your family. They will surely resent the fact that you have not even a moment to spare for them. However, Ganesha assures you that this hectic phase will soon pass, and then you will have enough time for your loved ones. Avoid doing anything that is not productive, especially gossiping. Ganesha advises you not to worry too much about aspects other than work for the time being, as this is only a temporary phase, and there will be enough time for other things later.
With the fast-paced technological changes taking place in all spheres of life, Ganesha predicts you will realise that it is high time you started honing your skills. Maybe you will decide to join a refresher course, which is a good idea. Even otherwise, you will have a yearning for learning, for instance it is quite possible that you may wish to learn a totally new language, or a acquire a new skills which has nothing to do with your profession, but just for the sake of developing a hobby. Also, you are likely to develop a leaning for spirituality and occult sciences. However, Ganesha advises you to focus on one thing, or else trying to learn so many things at the same time could make you disoriented. Family life will be hunky dory.
Your work ethic this week will be exemplary, foretells Ganesha. You will not shrink from taking on the heavy responsibilities that come your way, and, what s more, you shall take them on willingly and with a smiling face. Everyone around you, including your superiors, will be impressed with it. Even so, Ganesha advises you not to try to go solo all the time, but to delegate work wherever possible, as it will not only reduce your own burden, but also get things accomplished faster. This positive approach will be evident even on the financial front, in the manner in which you spend your money. You will not waste your money on unnecessary things, but you will not be stingy either. Businessmen may go ahead with new partnership deals, as the time is ideal for it.
You may be impulsive by nature, but this week Ganesha foretells that you will take very calculated decisions, even if it makes other people think that you are indulging in delaying tactics or have become too indecisive. However, those very people will appreciate it more when they see that your decisions have converted into concrete and positive results. On the personal front, Ganesha says you will be very active in the social circuit, flitting from one party to another, and making loads of new friends. Some of these friends will stand you in good stead in the long run. Singles could meet someone who will practically change the course of your life. Even married couples will enjoy a great rapport. Health, though, may be a bit delicate, so take good care of it.

Predictions provided by GaneshaSpeaks.com

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