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Radha Krishna Temple in Dallas Navratri Radha Krishna Temple in Dallas Diwali Dinner

Crosscurrents: Zakir Hussain and Dave Holland

Schedule Wed, 25 Oct 2017  7:30PM
Venue Strayss Square
2389 Flora Street
Dallas, TX 75201
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Event Details

A classical tabla virtuoso of the highest order, Zakir Hussain is well-known for his constant explorations of music from around the world. His latest ensemble, CrossCurrents, attempts to portray all directions of inspiration between the idioms of jazz and Indian music.

The great bassist Dave Holland, a player with one
of the most distinguished careers in jazz, brings his singular vision to
the group. The ensemble pays tribute to pioneering musicians and
composers on opposite sides of the world who built a bridge which could
be traversed in both directions.

Hussain says of CrossCurrents: “The influence of
Indian classical music on jazz is widely known. Less known, however, is
the influence of jazz on the popular music of India. Jazz first came to
India by way of the Hollywood musicals of the 1930s and’ 40s and quickly
influenced the music of India’s burgeoning film industry. The
improvisational nature of jazz was familiar to Indian composers and
musicians, who found a way to incorporate jazz harmonies and chord
progressions into their work. As a few decades passed, and as the West
was enjoying the inspiration of Indian classical music, certain
musicians came to influence popular music in India in a big way. Among
these are jazz pianist Louiz Banks and jazz guitarist Sanjay Divecha, and superstar composer/vocalist Shankar Mahadevan.”

CrossCurrents is:

  • Zakir Hussain, tabla
  • Dave Holland, bass
  • Chris Potter, saxophone
  • Ganesh Rajagopalan, violin/vocals
  • Louiz Banks, keyboards
  • Sanjay Divecha, guitar
  • Gino Banks, drums

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Organized by CrossCurrents
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