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Hindi Movies Phantom
Telugu Movies Bhale Bhale Madadivoy - Kick 2
Tamil Movie Thani Oruvan
Punjabi Movie Faraar
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    Profession Used in Bible First

    Three people were arguing about what profession was used first in the bible.

    The Surgeon says, "The Medical profession was used first when God took a rib from Adam and made Eve.

    The Engineer says, "No, engineering was used first....more
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    Who is more busy than he who hath least to do? John Clarke
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    Boil onion peels with a little water and vinegar in burnt and greasy pans. Simmer covered for 3-4 minutes. Wash with washing powder and scrubber. They will come out clean easily.
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    Up until 1994 the Olympics were held every four years. Since then, the Winter and Summer games have alternated every two years.
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