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Need babysitter for 10 months old baby boy in Januaury. -Lakshmi Unanswered
My wife is travelling on Nov 16th Emirates at 9:40 PM from chennai to Dallas -Looking for tamil speaking peoples travel companion .please contact me 4693533130 -Manikandan Adhimoolam Unanswered
My wife is travelling on Nov 16th Emirates at 9:40 PM from chennai to Dallas -Manikandan Adhimoolam Unanswered
my parents travelling from dallas to Hyd through Ethihad airlines on Nov 8,2015.I am looking for travel companion.if any body traveling on this date please let me know -lvreddy Unanswered
My family will travel from Bangalore/Chennai to Dallas this month end. I need a travel companion for the same. Please let me know if any body travels from India to Dallas in October. My Number is: 412-218-9506 -PALANISELVAM MUNIYAPPAN Unanswered
Hello, My Mother-in-law is travelling from Dallas to Hyderabad on Oct 28th, 2015 (Etihad Airways). She has wheelchair assistance and she can't speak English and looking for travel companion. Please contact me if you or anyone planning on this day. -Shiva Unanswered
hi,its urgent i desperately need a favour. i want to bring my own brother to usa.he is a graduate.he is staying alone in hyderabad.i just want to get him settle.is there is any way to keep him in any hotel or any marketing job here with proper visa.i have less knowledge of visa.plz help us someone.just a sponsor needed.he is a very gud guy and calm going.and he got very excellent driving exp.can anyone help him to make his life possible. -mrunalini Unanswered
Hi All, I am travelling to Irving Texas in oct-nov..so just wanted to know my office is on freeport Pkwy area so which area near by office is good place to live for single person in shared (2 bhk) needed one room with toilet and what will be monthly expense and what it include?? I don't know driving so need house near by Freeport Pkwy and Indian grocery stores, I really appreciate all your help Thanks so much in advance -Na Unanswered
Hi All, I am travelling to Irving Texas first time in US. So just wanted to know if I dont have car or don't know driving what is other meansof transportation... Do people use bike ,bus or bicycleto commute within city? Hope you understand my concerns and queries . I really appreciate all your help Thanks so much in advance -Na Unanswered
Hi All, I am travelling to Irving Texas in oct-nov 2015, I am pure vegeterian ...so just wanted to have suggestion what grocery or spices I need to carry which is allowed in airline and which is not accessible and costly in Irving . Hope you understand my concerns and queries . I really appreciate all your help Thanks so much in advance -Na Unanswered
Hi I am looking for a travel companion fro my Mom leaving from LA to Chennai on Oct 30 by British Airways. I have a booked a wheelchair for her so you can also get priority boarding with her. -Bhuna Ayyar Unanswered
Please contact me for home made curries, dosa , roti -RoopaKarthik Unanswered
Hi, I'm new to Boston (I'll be living in the Brighton area), and I was wondering if anybody knows of someone who makes homemade chapati/roti? I want to buy them fresh and not frozen. Please let me know if you know of anybody. Thanks! -Suresh Unanswered
Hi, I just came in Denver and looking for a house/condo/Apt for rent for my family from private owner. Please help me finding it. Thanks Sankha -Sankha Biswas Unanswered
Hi, my mom will be traveling from Dallas to Mumbai in BRITISH AIRWAYS on SEPT 25th2015 and we are looking for someone who can accompany her. Pl. contact me if you or you would know someone will be traveling in British airway on Sept 25th. I appreciate your help. Pl. call me on C:469-363-8331 Thank you, Kajal -Kajal Unanswered
One of my family member need to travel from Chennai to Atlanta around Oct end-Nov 1st week.She needs guidance as this is the first time she will be travelling alone. Please let me know if someone from your family is travelling so that she can accompany them.. -Krishnaraj Babu Unanswered
What is the best neighborhood in Greater Seattle area for a family with 2 elementary school kids. We are looking for a family friendly neighborhood in a good school district. -aseast Unanswered
If any one need home made Dosa, Idli batter please contact me at +1-7202080263 and +1-9153092978 -Lakshmi Unanswered
Any one interested in iOS mobile applications development then please contact me at +1-7202080263 and +1-9153092978. I'm located at Dallas,Tx and I can manage both live and online training. -Lakshmi Unanswered
Building home in Indianapolis don't know what neighborhood I want to be near friends and a nice place for my children and not far from temple -Shamala Unanswered
Hello, My mom will be travelling from denver to kolkata in the month of october , if anyone is travelling in oct too please contact me. It will be nice if I can find a companion for my mother. Please email me at sayanionly4u@gmail.com -Sayani Unanswered
Hi, My mom needs a travel companion from Dallas to Bangalore via Qatar Airways. If anyone willing to accompany her and have a Qatar itinerary from Dallas to Bangalore in month of August or September, please contact me at 479-270-2302. -Lakshman Unanswered
Hi, I will be moving to Texas(Dallas area) in a month from MA. I am looking for apartments for rent which has gas stove/range. Can someone help me with the apartments that have gas range pls? -RJ Unanswered
Hello everyone, I am planning to move to new jersey from Bay Area. Can you please give me reviews about the best schooling district there for elementary school? How do I know the top rated schools - like here Cupertino schools are very good? I went through the website and it is so confusing - select county then city and then schools. Finally after all that there is no one report comparing the performances of the schools. I need to click on every school to see its performance and then it has academic performance(which is the most confusing part). Perhaps it is not as confusing as I am feeling, but here in Bay Area it is such a simplified website to get the info and may be that's why I'm feeling so. Please help me out! Thanks -SGS Unanswered
Hi There, Civil Engineer with MS(UK), BE(Civil) having ample of Const Project Mgmt experience in Planning, Project Management. Looking to start my career in US. Kindly help. Email: vivekbonagiri@gmail.com -Vivek Unanswered
hi, i just moved to dallas this wewk for 3 yrs on l1. I would need car for commute to work. I was told that leasing is better. Can u suggest which car or car dealer is most cost effective? -newToTexas View Answer
Hi everyone, From past few months Iím actively searching for an SUV to buy but Iím so confused that I canít make a decision. So, thought that of asking some experts. Can anyone please help me answering the following questions? ∑ Which is the best compact SUV? ∑ What are the things to consider while buying? ∑ How do I find a great deal? ∑ How do I negotiate with the dealers? ∑ Should I buy a new (or) Manufacturer Certified pre-owned (or) Used Ė used from local dealer? Or used from any specific website? Or used from classifieds? Any help (or) suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks! in advance -wick Unanswered
Hi,we will be shifting to Phoenix in May.Can someone suggest which area would be good to rent apartments/condos with Indian neighborhood?Our top priorities are Indian neighborhood,good building facilities,not very far from downtown.Hoping someone to answer my question soon.thanks in advance -S.C Unanswered
Hi, Is anyone trevelling from Dallas to Hyderabad through emirates in june 2015?. My mom needs a company to travel. -phanisree Unanswered
Hello everyone,i'm new here in u.s richardson.i'm looking for a babby sitting job in indian family.Thank you. -sukhmohanjit Unanswered
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