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Adi Para Sakthi Drama - A Fundraiser to benefit SMVA Trust's 'Education for Life' program

Schedule Sat, 15 Jul 2017  3:30pm
Venue Capuchino Samuel Johnson, Jr. Performing Arts Center
1501 Magnolia Avenue
San Bruno, CA 94966
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Event Details
Sri Adi Para Sakthi is an audio visual drama depicting the transformation of the Divine Mother. Whenever there are discrepancies in the discharge of natural laws of God (Dharma), then God incarnates. The Divine Mother incarnates to protect her creations time to time from evil forces who turned against her due to their desires and greed to rule the trilokas (the Universe – Bhooloka, Pathala and Heavens).

Sri Adi Para Sakthi decides to bring the “amsa”/energy of Sati Devi to reincarnate as “Shailaputri” or Parvathi and to bring back Lord Shiva from Samadhi to a normal state thereby restoring the world to its peaceful state. Watch, learn and enjoy the transformations of the forms of Sri AdiPara Sakthi with descriptions about Nava Durgas – Importance of Navaratri, Shiva Parvathi Kalyanam, Kumara Sambhavam, Mahishasura Mardhini and the story of Sri Durga Devi. The story of Nava Durgas is depicted in this drama with mesmerizing music, classical dance & powerful visual effects on the stage.

Tea, snacks and dinner will be provided at the event.

To find out more about SMVA Trusts Education for Life program visit www.smvatrust.org/education-for-life.

All proceeds benefit SMVA Trust Free Education Trust
Taking children out of POVERTY and giving them HOPE.
Amma Sri Karunamayi is working tirelessly to lift disadvantaged children out of a life of poverty and place them into full-time education. Despite news stories highlighting the growth in India's economy and the new wealth this is creating, the need to help India's children is becoming even more important. Child labor is a massive problem in India and in Andhra Pradesh in particular.

Phone (425) 442-3286
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Organized by Surya Tejas Arts

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