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Sikhs also celebrate Diwali, as it marks the release of their gurji – Guru Hargobind Sahibji – and 52 other kings and princess of India that were made captives by the mogul emperor Shah Jahan.


The first firework ever was invented in 810 A.D. by Jiao Ji who immediately celebrated his invention by flushing it down a toilet.


Besides reducing blood sugar, guava leaf tea doesn’t stimulate insulin secretion, and hence beneficial for diabetics.


Guava leaf tea can minimize LDL cholesterol without affecting the good HDL cholesterol levels.


On the ninth day of Navratri in Karnataka, implements used to earn a livelihood are worshipped. In some places even weapons are worshipped. So, don’t be surprised if on Ayudha Puja day in Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India, you see computers, CDs, and software books being worshipped. Of course, vehicles, machinery, rifles, machetes and cutlasses are also worshipped.


Goddess Durga was given permission by Lord Shiva to visit her mother for nine days in the year. Navratri is said to commemorate this visit every year.


Another legend in North India says that Lord Ram worshiped Goddess Durga’s nine forms over nine days. As a result, he was granted the strength to kill the evil Ravan and free Sita.


Nepali Hindus also celebrate Navratri festival in a big way. On this festival the emphasis on family ties and put the red colored kumkum on each other's forehead.


The three main Navratri that are celebrated in India are: Sharad Navratri, Vasant Navratri and Ashada Navratri.


The Poya day, full moon day is a public holiday in Sri Lanka.


The famous Lipton tea was sourced from Sri Lanka by its founder.


Sri Lanka has two official languages – Sinhala and Tamil.


The name of Sri Lanka was Ceylon until 1972.


The first established capital of ancient Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura and the era was known as Anuradhapura Kingdom.


Sri Lanka was the first country in the world to democratically elect a woman as the head of state.


Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth (where the relic of the tooth of Buddha is housed), is the most sacred Buddhist site in the world.


Sri Lanka’s national flag is said to be one of the oldest flags in the world.


Sri Lanka is known as both the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and the ‘teardrop of India’ due to its shape.


New York has the most people named Yashoda per capita.


Modak is believed to be a favourite of Lord Ganesha and is especially prepared during the festival. Literally, it refers to something that brings joy

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