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Hastinapur (of Bharat Varsha) was the most opulent and developed place in the history of mankind during Mahabharat’s time. It had all the resources that a civilized state comprises of: dams, artificial ponds, irrigation, monuments, temples and learned Sages.


Yuyutsu, was the only Kaurava who survived after the Kurukshetra War


Duryodhan Approached Sahadeva to Seek Mahurat of Kurukshetra War

Sahadeva who had eaten the flesh of his father Pandu after his death could not only see past, and future but also had a great knowledge in Astrology. This is the reason why Shakuni sent Duryodhana to Sahadeva to ask the mahurat (right time) of the Mahabharat War. Sahadeva being honest had disclosed it to Duryodhan in spite knowing the fact that Duryodhan was his real enemy in the battle. Sahadeva could already see the great war coming however he could not warn his brothers because he had a curse – The moment he would reveal the future he would die and so Lord Krishna had advised him to answer questions wrt to future only in the form of questions.


Washington, D.C., has the lowest marriage rate in the nation.


The term “groom” is from the Old English guma, meaning “man.”


An Angry Birds Movie Is Releasing in 2016


The First Angry Birds Game Released in 2009.


Mosquitoes love blue color.


Red light is soothing for chickens. It helps them to calm down, sleep better, and avoid cannibalism and pecking problems.


Yellow + Red = Hunger


Red is the first color a baby sees


People say that Netaji Subhash has lived as Bhagwan ji till 1985


In the year 1943, when he was in Berlin, Netaji had established the Azad Hind Radio station and Free India Center.


Dr.Aanadi Joshi is the first Lady doctor in India.


According to Ayurvedic texts too much of heat generated in the body (or pitta) leads to headaches.


Fasting can cause headaches.


While most headaches are uncomfortable and sometimes disabling, they are mostly not dangerous. Most of them can be cured by over-the-counter headache medications and by lying down in a quiet dark room for a while.


In ancient times kings used the feast of Dasara to cross the frontier and fight against their neighboring kingdoms. This border crossing is known as "simollanghan". Thus Dasara also marks the beginning of the war season.


Vivekananda was a connoisseur of tea. In those days when the Hindu pandits were opposed to drinking tea, he introduced tea into his monastery. Bally municipality increased taxes on Belur on the grounds that it was a ‘private garden house’ where tea was served. Vivekananda sued the municipality in Chinsurah Zilla District Court. The British magistrate came on horseback to investigate. Now, who can beat the British at tea drinking? The charges were dismissed.


One known cause of mental disability is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and is totally preventable.

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